Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Exar Kun

Quaestor Report: 2


Greetings Exar Kun,

The past week has been an interesting time in Plagueis. I would like to extend my congratulations to Yzarc Rellik Kaeth, the Proconsul who will step in to fill the hole left by Ky Terrak di Plagia’s retirement. In our own house of Exar Kun, Braecen and I have come to a decision on who the new Aedile shall be. I would like to take this time to congratulate Godo Nurok on his selection as the new Aedile. Godo has served our House honorably in the past and was a longstanding member of Clan Exar Kun before that.

This week has seen the beginnings of several competitions from both myself and Braecen to keep you busy. Braecen’s competition Our Sins requires you to write about a time that you used treachery for personal gain. This is, after all, a Brotherhood of Dark Jedi, no? you should have little trouble thinking of a catching storyline to earn those shiny Third Level Crescents. Also beginning today is the monthly Current Events competition in which you just write a fiction about your actions during the month of June. Also an easy chance to add a Third Level Crescent to your medals box!

In Exar Kun, we have begun to relocate our permanent headquarters to Kapsina, capital planet of Plagueis’ holdings. For the Relocation to Kapsina competition you must write a fiction about how the House and/or Clan reacts to this move by the Summits. This should be an easy competition to gain a nice Fourth Level Crescent!

The Relocation to Kapsina competition is the first step in our quest of expanding and refining our House’s past, current, and future history. To that end, I am still accepting emails from members wishing to join the fictional development team. Thus far, I have only received an email from Dismal Dupar expressing his interest. I would like to ask that you now send the emails about the team to both Godo in addition to me.

I have made some headway in fleshing out the basic facilities that we will require once we move our House headquarters from the ruins of Aerun to Kapsina. Our new headquarters will be located in and around the Dark Tower, Clan Plagueis’ bastion of power.

I would like to congratulate Ralph Vundu, Kara Rohana, and Bal Demona on passing a wealth of Shadow Academy exams. I would also like to congratulate Ralph Vundu and Kara Rohana on their promotions to Protector, Bal Demona on receiving a Dark Cross, and Famosus Aspicio on raking in some more Clusters of Fire and a Scroll of Indoctrination. Special congratulations to Callus Bo’Amar who was promoted to the rank of Prelate for contributions to the Clan as Knight Class Envoy and Rollmaster. If I missed anything, I apologize. Please let me know!

Look out for more developments in the future!

Syphoc Rilkel Kaeth

Quaestor of Exar Kun

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