Aedile Report


Aedile Report

        AED Report Extraordinaire


Alaris Jinn stood before a man in a New Republic Uniform. It didn't matter to Alaris that the man technically outranked him. It didn't matter that he was a seasoned veteran. It also didn't matter that he wanted to defect from the New Republic. The Twi'lek had only one answer for Army Deserters: A lightsaber. With a flash of green and a quick slice, the former New Republic Admiral, who didn't want to fight the Yuuzhan Vong anymore, finally got his wish. And Alaris was satisfied.

Brothers and Sisters of Satal Keto

Oooo, character development. One of the best ways to become more in touch with your DB Character is to write fiction, and what a better way than to complete in Braecen's Current Events! It can be about anything happening in the Clan. Perhaps your character discovers some sort of political plotting, or is involved in it themselves. Or maybe it's just a conversation with your buddy on board the Ballista. It's up to you.

In other news, Yzarc Rellik Kaeth is the new Proconsul of Clan Plagueis. So, big congrats to him!


Couple of awards this week for the winner of my SA Comp!  

Ashron received a Crescent /w Sapphire Star
Killer received a Crecsent /w Emerald Star
Koidyis Soilatus received a Crescent /w Topaz Star

Congrats to the three of you and good work!


Killer was promoted to PRT

Shadow Academy

A massive quantity of Courses done this week, and good work to all who got all up in that!

Ashron completed the Leadership Fundamentals, Old Republic History, Wiki Basics, Starfighter Studies, Test of Wisdom, and Capital Starship Studies Courses!
Killer completed the IRC Basics, Clan Plagueis History, and History of the Sith Empire I Courses.
Gaius Julius Caeser came out of the dark :p, and completed the HTML Basics Course.

Good Work from all of you.


Six Competitions for everybody to compete in!

  1. Starting this Saturday (I beleive), QUA Alex d'Tana, will be running weekly IRC Trivia Contests, worth 5th Level Crescents and an LS for whoever writes the Questions!

Two. With the Independence Games hub-blub complete, we will be resuming our regularly scheduled programming. That means the Current Events monthly competition is now back in swing! This is a free write event where you can write about ANYTHING you wish; as long as it can be applied to your character, another character and/or falls into the current Brotherhood timeline. Want to talk about the political undercurrents in the Clan? Go for it. Want to write about an adventure you had with your Master? Do it! Just joined and you wish to scribe your legendary journey to the hallowed halls of Clan Plagueis (or a return to them)? Hop to it!!! You have the freedom to write your destiny.

C. Because it was such a huge success, I'm going to be running the Shadow Academy Competition again. What do you have to do? It's quite simple, take the Shadow Academy Courses! Whoever does the most will receive 4th Level Crescents! Hoorah!

Dee. Strats Grimm has challenged us all to design Satal Keto's Beta Base on Morroth. Not too long ago, our Quaestor Kal ran a competition to design the Alpha Base. Now, the time has come to design the Beta Base. Sketches are by no means necessary but can't hurt your chances of winning. Competition is open to anyone in the House. Good luck!

Cinq. In keeping with Ky's old Clan Wide Competition, our new PCON, Yzarc, will continue the Caption Contest. 4th Level Crescents to the winner! Check out this weeks pictures here:

Sies. And finally, Braecen has sponsored a new competition for your enjoyment. The focus of the event is to challenge you to grow your character in a new dimension based on a previous treachery you have committed. It is entitled as "Our Sins" because we want you to highlight how your own deviousness shapes, or sculpts, the landscape of our Clan. Perhaps you merely cheated a rival out of their glory... or, like myself, you usurped a prominent position through cunning and guile. Your options are unlimited, the only thing hold you back is your own creativity.


Purgatorus IN from Shadow Academy
Kylath Tynblade IN from Shadow Academy

Welcome to House Satal Keto!


Quite an active week here in House Satal Keto, we've all done great work! I've received two challenges in the ACC, one from Callus and the other from SW Kal Vorrac. My whining paid off!

See you all next week!

Darkness Guide You,

DJK Alaris Jinn (Obelisk)/AED/Satal Keto of Plagueis

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