Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

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Korvyn admired his new office. it was much bigger than his old one. His decorations would need to be increased. He had already put up all his trinkets and souvenirs he had collected and the walls still looked bare. At least he was able to keep the bar fully stalked. He also had a massive window directly behind his desk overlooking the valley below the castle. It made for a magnificent view.

As he stared out the window he heard the door to his office open. His former mentor and master Dante walked in and took a seat in front of Korvyn's desk. the two talked of old times for a while drinking some local whiskey. Eventually they got down to business as Dante handed the reigns over to Korvyn. after Dante left korvyn got straight into his new job.

-=| News|=-

This is my first report as Rollmaster. I would like to thank Dante for the hard work he has done in this position as well as for all the help he's given me in starting out me term as Rollmaster. Look for comps to come up soon for the younglings.

You better Recognize! We pwned the IG's and have made the rest of the Brotherhood take notice of us. What does this mean for the Younglings? We gotta keep it up. the rumor is that the GJW will be in Nov. so wee gotta concentrate on getting everyone to both stay active but also to improve in their skills as gamers and writers.

-=| Goals |=-

First what are goals and why are they important? Goals are basically a task you have set to accomplish. They are very important to advancing in the Brotherhood. they keep you focused but also give you a sense of accomplishment. As you progress through your career promotions start slowing down. By having a large goal such as Gaining DJK you make smaller goals that help you achieve the larger one. such as Completing 5 SA courses this week. by getting that task done you have gained more ground on your eventual promotion but also gained a sense of accomplishment for being able to mark a goal off your list.

My goals for this office:

  1. Make HDS a fun place for everyone including the newer members

  2. Try to get everyone who joins to attain the rank of PRT within 45 days

My job is to help the new members with gaining their promotions all the way to DJK. If you have a problem or a question catch me on IRC or email me. I will never tell you i won't help you. I will always listen to your problems and work to find a solution to them. If needed i will assist in finding you a master upon your Gaining PRT. I will work my ass off to help you so long as you work yours off to get promoted. That i Promise

-=| Promotions |=-

Nihil was promoted to GRD

More of these will be coming soon... Trust me!

For the Glory of House Dorimad Sol,


Rollmaster of House Dorimad Sol

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