Oracle's Report #7


Oracle's Report #7

Thanksgiving weekend was a smash hit. About thirty people crammed into our house for dinner. Food was good, wine selection perfect, conversation light and witty. All and all a pleasant affair. I hope everyone else had as good a weekend.

1) Dark Voice is proceeding in schedule. I'm getting all kinds of Dark Council reports, editorials, drink recipies, and other wonderful submissions. Keep em coming.

2) Timeline is almost finished, (I know I said that last week.) I'll be posting it in a bit. Just adding in a coupla dates, correcting a few things.

3) Chi-Long and Cyris have volunteered for a massive part of Project Storyline and its intergration into the Dark Voice. Chi says we might have a preview in time for this edition.

4) DSC updates are coming along well. If you have anything in particular that you would like to see, email me.

In Darkness,

His Excellency, Dark Adept Trevarus Irad Caerick, Knight First Class
Oracle of the Brotherhood

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