Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Befuddled by what Cethgus had said to him, Thran stood silently. He was unsure how to react or reply to such a bold statement.

"Face it, Sir. I'm right." The Zabrak said, boasting a broad smile.

"Cethgus, I am 900% sure that the Yuuzhan Vong aren't made of rotten marshmallows." Robin Hawk said, scratching her head.

"Do marshmallows even go rotten?" Thran said, inquisitively.

"No, They just get really hard and stale." Korvyn replied.

"One could take your eye out though…" Cethgus said, still defending his outrageous case.

"The ability to take an eye does not qualify the Vong as people of stale marshmallows." The Quaestor said, reaching for the bowl of peas on the table.

Cethgus grumbled, "My point is…I don't like 'em."

"Which?" asked Robin, who was more confused than ever.

Before Cethgus could reply, Miss Coral stuck her head into the dining room. Korvyn waved to her and sent invisible kisses flying across the room towards the chesty assistant. She brought an armful of files and placed them in front of the Quaestor.

"Hello, Korvyn…" She said, making the Knight's evening. "Master Thran," she continued. "You must review these files and get me the authorized forms. Miss Hawk has already read the files, and she can help you get through all the red tape. I'm sorry Gentlemen, this meal is over. The Quaestor must not be disturbed." Emily said, ushering the half dozen of Thran's closest compatriots from the room.

As they left, Thran opened the files and began to read. Robin Hawk walked up next to him, leaning against the heavy wooden table. She pushed the entire bundle of paperwork off onto the floor, smiling as she did so. Thran looked up to the woman, confused. It was a trap!

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I welcome you to the 8th wonder of the world!

HDS QUA Report 6/26/2008

Ok…Lets see…

Props: Props this week go to Tollo and Nihil who were both promoted to Guardian. Congrats guys, keep up the stellar work!

Props this week also go to that old smelly guy name Koskian. For those of you who don't know, let me edjukate you… Koskian used to be the PCON in Arcona, but then he decided that we were way more super cool than them, so he came over here. When he came over here, they let him run HDS. (He thinks he's like uber super…Don't bother argueing with him, he'll only give you a wedgie.) To make a long story Short, Kosk got not one but 2 Dark Mavens. One in Philosophy and one in History. Good work old timer!

In DA news:

Ok, some News Briefs here for you…

You know those 600 emails you got from Ylith? Yeah, well…He got appointed to Ward of the North, which deals with the gaming of this Clan. He's supposed to be making sure you all know about ITCE and Gaming nights and all sorts of fun things! So, if you see him…Be sure to kick him in the shins!

Korvyn on LoA. Korvy went on Vacation…and he didn't take me L Back on the 30th.

Lucien on LoA. Lucien got this genius idea that he was gonna go get married to his girl of many years. I think he's being a damn fool, but hey…Some people are into that love crap. Congrats Lucien! I kinda wish I could crash the wedding…But, I'll let your woman have her most important day.


Lock it up, TO.

Still in the news…HDS kicks ass. Why? Cause that's what we do.

Dante is friggin ridiculous. He just got a SC from Kir, for being the LHoJ ANNNND a SB from Sarin for being the IG pimp. Also, Dante's family is about to get bigger! He's having another bebe! So, when he disappears in the middle of July, you know why. Anyway, when you see Dante…Let him know that his pimp hand makes us all way strong.

Ok, some people got some Noble Promotions! Congratulations to RH, Cethgus, Blade, and Dante all got bumped up. Congrats guys!


This is all the crap I am working on.

Castle: Still. Ok, so I got the bright Idea of making like 1000+ rooms. I forgot to mention I gotta write about each one. Man, I hate my Ideas.

Write your own Saga: Soon. Ok, So I got this bright idea (much better than the last one.) of running a little writing workshop. Since we are mostly Obbies and some Sithys, We gotta make sure we keep our writing up to par. Accordingly, There is this mega cool idea I came up with in which each person writes there own SW saga. 6 entries of what ever length you find appropriate. However, here's the catch. Each entry must bear some strong resemblance to a scene in one of the 6 SW movies.

Run-On: Now. The runon is going and we're starting to move the story. Make sure you keep up with the posts! I would like to see some major plot development. We're on post #14 and not much has happened yet!

Internal Review: Sometime this week. Ok, Sarin charged the Consuls with an Internal Review. Internal reviews are a fancy way of showing the GM what we've been up to. I figured I would help Phoenix out by writing a review of this House (the one that matters).

Outposts: Now. Dante is making up some outposts for our military. Should be fun.

Quaestor's Lecture:

Ok, here is the section of my report where I lecture you on some things.

Let me start here…

On Being Emo; don't.

Now to the important part…I've noticed there are quite a few people out there complaining of being bored. In the wake of the IGs and in the shadows of something on the forefront, HDS hasn't had much time to put together competitions or activities. Dante has given a couple of short competitions, but there has not been much activity. What do I say to that!? If you're bored...Write some history for your character, post on the forums, ANNOY your Aedile! Do anything but announce that you are bored!

When it comes to being bored, try to come up with something creative to do. For instance, Reiden began writing some songs. I like to draw pictures of starships when I am bored. Dante likes to pwn noobs in JO. Its ok to want to do your own thing! But most importantly, when you are doing something creative for your house and clan, make sure that your QUA(that's me) knows about it before you go and do it. Its so I can reward you and perhaps lie a little bit when it comes to pushing your trials through :P


I just want to say good luck, we're all counting on you.

leaves and returns

I just want to say good luck, we're all counting on you.

HDS means Pride. Being a member of HDS means that you try your hardest to succeed. When you do succeed, it feels great. But even when you don't, you know that you've got the tenacity to stand up and go right back into trying again. Remember kids, Winning isn't everything. Personal Success is.


Happiness depends upon ourselves.



Darkfully Yours,

SBL Thran Occasus (Sith)/QUA/ Dorimad Sol of Scholae Palatinae SB/ GC / SC-SoA / AC / DC-KC-O-CS / (GN) (SN) (BN)/ Cr-4S-6E-2T-1Q / CF-BlF-RF / SI / SoL / LSB / S:-5Al-3D

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Perfection is Dedication. Dedication is Dominance. Dominance is Dorimad Sol!

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