Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Cern watched as the two dancers swung his way. The girls were quite good and beautiful too. It was more than worth the price of admission to see this quality of entertainment. The Sergeant smiled at the dark haired dance as she swung her hips in his direction. She batted her eyes at him as she spun away. Cern grinned like the Wampa that ate the Taun Taun and took a sip of his drink. The sound of his comm. unit buzzing pulled the smile from his face and Cern grabbed the thing before it buzzed again. Cern turned the comm. off and went back to his drink without a second thought.


Congrats to the new royalty of Clan Scholae Palatinae! I know you all got the e-mail so give out the happy hugs when you see those folks. Good show by HDS’s own Dante and Cethgus, and our very own Ric Korbain.

The GM has a very informative report out. Read it for your own good J

There are a couple new jobs available to some of you. DJK and higher, check it out on the Brotherhood’s main new page.

House stuff. I don’t know if you know or not but Thran is one ambitious dude. I read his report, did you? Check it out if you haven’t. They are always fun and informative, and no, I am not kissing butt…am I?

Promotions: nothing at this time


Cern gets a Crescent for the June Journeyman comp. First even. Good for me! /me toots his own horn!

Shadow Academy:

Koskian rocks! Two Mavens History and Philosophy. He also nailed the Sith Alchemy course.

Nihil got the Force philosophy and Leadership Fundamentals. Good job!

Rieden got himself the Force Philosophy too.

In Closing:

I am in the midst of a long workweek so if I am not around, don’t be alarmed. I will check the e-mail every day or if you have a real big question and don’t want to wait, Cethgus will help. Other than that, thanks for another active week and keep up the good work.

Your Fearless Leader

GRD Cern Unnos

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