Aedile Report


Aedile Report

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      **This most welcomed of contributions is from Kara Rohana. I can't seem to shake this feeling that you all see me in a certain light... **

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<font size="6">W</font>elcome once again my fellow Kunians,

The holiday season is well and truely here, I noticed a lot of you have had the good sense to disappear to exotic locations. The best I can look forward to is a deck chair on a square meter of grass in the pouring rain. If I am REALLY lucky I might push the boat out and slap on a bit of sun cream!

So with activity likely to dip slightly over the next coming weeks (well, I can but hope) it'll give me a chance to catch up on some Shadow Academy courses and finish my Wiki pages. Also I can hunt down all of you who have this obsession with me being a Teddy!

Any way in this weeks report we have yet another jab at me, its raining Dark Crosses and more competitions for you to sink your teeth into and a chance to adopt a wookie. Great stuff.



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<font size="6">_A _</font>big thank you for all your entries, and clearly we have half of you who quite like that blasted Jar Jar whilst a few out there share my absolute hate of the floppy eared muppet! Anyway, results.

The winners of this event are as follows:

1st place: Jedi Hunter Brema Sedul Nekaka

This just made me laugh out loud, Brema has a creative if not wicked sense of humour and I just have to share this with you all!

First thing I would do is invite him on a "vacation" to the Dune Sea. Knowing how damn stupid Jar Jar is he'll probably think were going to an actual sea. Before he notices anything is awry, I'd push him into the Sarlacc pit and enjoy the sweet sounds of him screaming as the Sarlacc eats him alive. I would have a droid video tape the whole thing and have it posted on Youtube that night. I'm positive the video would have over a million hits in the first day.

2nd place: Guardian Kara Rohana

Second place was very difficult to call, I want to give a special thumbs up to Bal, his entry was good but Kara just edged him out with quite a chunky fiction, one with what she would do out of character and what she would do or rather see in character.

So well done Kara and a thank you to the rest.




Aedile needs a Banner! **

Another competition and this time we have some even shinier medals to dish out. This time I want a new banner, you can use anything you like to design it and I am not too fussed on size of file format. Heck you can even use MS Paint if you really fancy it. Maybe you want to draw something and scan it in. Whatever you fancy though give it a whirl. Send all your banners to my email address [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

End Date:** Wednesday 2nd July 2008**

Medals up for grabs:

1st Place

Crescent with Sapphire Star

2nd Place

Crescent with Emerald Star

_<font size="6" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">E</font>_ach week I will list our valiant members who have achieved success! This weeks will, alas be a little incomplete as I've only just been appointed. So if I have missed anyone please feel free to get in touch and I will add you to next weeks report. For the members listed below, well done and keep up the good fight!

Protector Vorn Kyrth

Leadership Fundamentals Passed.

Guardian Bal Demona

Crescent with Emerald Star, 100% Sith Core Passed, Runon Studies Passed.

Guardian Kara Rohana

100% History of the Sith Empire II Passed, Crescent with Topaz Star, Dark Cross, Test of Power Passed, Clan Plagueis History Passed, General Leadership Passed (amazing effort this month, whatever your taking I want some too).

Jedi Hunter Laigerick Sithelhood

Old Republic History Passed, 100% Dark Brotherhood Basics Passed, 100% History of the Sith Empire II Passed, History of the Sith Empire III Passed (Another kick ass week for you Mister Laigerick, well done!).

Acolyte Alishu

Dark Cross, Weapons Basics Passed.

Protector Ralph Vundu

Dark Cross.

Incredible effort once again, and rather unusually an amazing three Dark Crosses awarded. Clear obsessive members this week is a close contest between Ms Kara Rohana and Mister Laigerick. I applaud you both, and hate you both in equal measure :P

<font size="6">H</font>ere are some good links for you to visit. If there's anything you'd like to see included let me know.

ICTE web site (multi player gaming): [](

Dark Brotherhood - our organisation's web site

Clan Plagueis - our clan web site

mIRC - for all our meetings and general chit chat

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Wikipedia - Super sized archive with all sorts of weird and wonderful information

Shadow Academy - take courses and further your understanding [<font color="#cccccc">


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      **You too could adopt your very own donkey. **

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<font size="6">_I _</font>was watching the TV the other day and came across an advert to adopt a child in a third world country, you know the deal? They show some little child on the verge of tears sitting in a mud hut with the voice over saying they will be dead by the end of the advert because of a lack of food. Normally this is timed to perfection as your just about to stuff you face with a fork full of pasta or some such. Yes Great Britain has become the capital for hard luck cases. But it gets more interesting.

So after observing this heart wrenching scene I get another advert this time suggesting I invest another chunk of money in water, because evidently the needy walk millions of miles to the nearest well. Quite why they dont move a little closer is never fully disclosed. Things got more interesting though as the next advert suggested that forget the starving forget the thirsty but support a dog! Because they never put a dog down AND they send you a little certificate.

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    **Forget people, forget donkeys, forget all that you think you know! Adopt an Ant instead! **

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Things got even better though as the same evening I saw another advert. Apparently there is another living creature on this planet that gets a bad deal, one that is forced to carry BRICKS! The poor animal is none other than a donkey! The poor things. Evidently if you sponsor a donkey they will be given a little bowl of water, a vet visit and maybe a few bricks less to carry. Your donkey will also write to you, no doubt thanking you for helping to extend its life as an organic lorry!

Well now, this started me wondering. We have sponsor a person, sponsor a dog, cat, donkey. Where will the madness end? So I did a little ressearch. Turns out you can adopt an Ant! Impressed? The web site that engages in this clearly fantastic value scheme will allow you to sponsor an Ant for the sum of £1 which is what? About $2? If you make this worthy donation you get your Ants name, sex, personality and personal interests. Not sure what you can learn from an Ant. Maybe your Ant will rob banks, maybe it will romance other Ants? Maybe its prone to topping itself by diving in the path of an incoming vacuum cleaner?

So far of the 1 million ants available to adopt 69 people have made the heroic sacrifice. The temptation to call these 69 people total idiots is tempting, others will no doubt call these people heroes to their fellow creatures. So if you fancy saving an Ant from certain destruction try going to


_S_ummer is of course here and we're all looking forward to stripping off and getting a tan, alas if I were to strip I would be arrested for indecency. But I suggest you all enjoy your summer and take some time to chill. It's been a funny old four weeks, this time last month there was absolutely no way I would have imagined being back in the Brotherhood let alone your Aedile. I hate to admit it, but you've all been rather good. Made many new friends and reacquainted myself with old ones. So keep up the good work and thank you!

Your servant,

Godo Nurok

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