Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Exar's Shadow

Commander Report #3

Sith Battlemaster Derev Niroth


You know, it's cool when your BT gets like all the shineys in the whole house. I just thought I'd put that out there.

Otherwise, not nearly as much to talk about this week. As some of you know, the ACC is going to be the first part of the boot camp I've been speaking about. We're gonna delay that a week or two until Sarin picks a new Combat Master and the ACC gets up and running.

Activity Reporting

Remember that your FL is responsible for your ATR, whatever rule they set, thats what you need to do as far as when you report. Also remember, 3 strikes and you're out. And, some of you are getting bit by the AWOL we'll have some new blood in the team soon.


Yay! We've gotta competition. Check it out and participate! Any member who dosen't participate in this competition (including the Equites of Exar's Shadow) will get a strike for non-activity, since this is about the easiest competition there can be :)

I hope your flight leaders are working on the next two comps, since they're responsible for the next two weeks and I haven't heard anything yet :)

Battle Board (Activity)

[If you see brackets below your name, thats your strike tally. 3 Consecutive or 5 Cumulative in 60 days gets you a boot from the BT]

1:1CM Derev Niroth


*Fighting ACC Battle

*Completed 3 SA Exams

*Doing SA Audit

*Applied for Combat Master

*worked on

*IRC Pwnage

1:2FM Cipher Isradia


*Clan GFX


*GFX Pwnage

*IRC Pwnage

1:3FM Famous Aspicio

[2,2 6/21, 6/28]


1:4FM Dismal Dupar


* coding

*IRC Pwnage

2:1FL Bal Demona


*IRC Activity

*ICTE Pwnage

*Completed 3 SA Exams

*Death Star Deluxe Comp

2:2FM Kara Rohana


*IRC Activity

*BF2 Pwnage

*EaW Pwnage

*Completed 3 SA Exams

2:3FM Octavia Demona

[0, 1 6/21/08]

*IRC Activity

2:4FM Koga Kage

[1,1 6/28]

3:1FL Ralph Vundu


*IRC Activity

*ICTE Pwnage

*WoA Participation

*ACC Pwning

3:2FM Laigerick Sithelhood


*Caption Comp Pwnage

*Death Star Deluxe

*GNs and ICTEs omgwtfpwnage!

*Completed 4 SA Exams

3:3FM Martumal

[2, 2 6/21, 6/28]

3:4FM Berma Sedul Nekaka


*WoA Participation

WTFPWNAGE BOARD (Promotions and Shineys)

Kara and Ralph Scored Dark Crosses from the BTL!

Laig took 13 CFs, Bal snagged 7, Kara grabbed 2 and Koga grabbed 2


So, our BT wtfpwns! I suspect we'll have one or two openings after the journeyman AWOL check is complete, and we've got two members with two strikes, so start talking to people who wanna join ES! You guys seriously rock! Participate in the Motto Comp!

SBM Derev Niroth (Sith)/CMDR/Exar Kun of Plagueis [ACC: CL:2]

SB / GC-PoDP / SC-SoR / AC / DC / GN-BL / BN / Cr-1E / CF-GF / DSS-AuL / SI-BL / SoL / LS-PL / S:-11D-4P

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