Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Ravana BT Report #4


Another week, another meeting. Tsingtao Ming strolled into the ready room where the Ravana Squadron was waiting. There were a few empty chairs but that was to be expected.


Please allow me to introduce our newest members. Nero Pennant returns to the Ravana Squadron after a brief time away. We welcome him back into the fold and are excited about the ideas he will bring to the table. Nero will serve as a honorary Flight Leader. Also please welcome William "Archaon" Darkfire to the squadron. Darkfire is another long time member of House Marka Ragnos and we are very happy to see him as a member of our team.

Ravana Squardron AWOL Check - The AWOL Check has been completed. After a mad scramble, I am happy to report that we are only losing 25% of the Ravana Squardon. Those leaving are welcome to re-petition for entry provided we have the room.

Khotaro Fumai has extended the "Ravana Squadron Ships" competition for the Squadron as well as his "Fight the Wolf" competition. He has also released another competition where you get to design our Flight Suits. Here are the details for the competition:

Alright, considering how Night Hawks have their own Armor, and we wish to usurp the Elite throne, I find it necessary for the Battle Team to get their own Custom Armor. Your job is to create custom armor, explain it in at least a half a page, and then design the armor using Paint, Photoshop, and Image designing things.

Start Date: 6/26/2008

End Date: 7/26/2008

Unit in Competition: Battle Team Ravana Squadron



Word, Paint, Photoshop, Email


5th Level Crescents

What other competitions will the Ravana Squadron be having, well you just need to stay tuned and see what we have in store for you. We are planning a Ravana Squadron Run-On in the near future. As we begin our planning phase, if you have any ideas, please feel free to send an email to the Ravana Squadron or myself directly.

Arrivals and Departures


Nero Pennant

William "Archaon" Darkfire



Xia Rowella



Vanwyck has been promoted to the rank of Guardian. Excellent work!


Khotaro Fumai has earned a Crescent with a Quartz Star for coming in Second in Quote the SW movie 5.

Khotaro Fumai has earned a Crescent with a Topaz Star for 2nd place in HMR Got Talent.

Tsingtao Ming has earned a Crescent with a Sapphire Star for Third place, Alchemists's Trivia round one.


VanWyck has passed the History of the Sith Empire I exam.

Khotaro Fumai has submitted and had approved his "Design our Armor" competition.

William Darkfire has passed the Basic Weapons exam.

Fet'ai'narun has responded to the AWOL Check.

Arfalax has responded to the AWOL Check.

VanWyck has responded to the AWOL Check.

Kyrath Amaranthi has responded to the AWOL Check.

Nero Pennant has responded to the AWOL Check.

William Darkfire has responded to the AWOL Check.

Nassin Zye has responded to the AWOL Check.

Khotaro Fumai has responded to the AWOL Check.

Tsingtao Ming has submitted answers to the Alchemist's Trivia Round 2.

Tsingtao Ming has submitted an entry to the Armed with Wings Competition.

Tsingtao Ming has submitted an entry to the Execute Order 13 Competition.

*If you name is not listed, it doesn't mean you did nothing, I just didn't see nor was I notified of what you have been up to.


CMDR01 - Commander Tsingtao Ming

FM02 - Flight Member Kyrath Amaranthi

FM03 - Flight Member Nero Pennant

FM04 - Flight Member William "Archaon" Darkfire

FL05 - Flight Leader Nassin Zye

FM06 - Flight Member Arfalax

FM07 - Flight Member OPEN

FM08 - Flight Member OPEN

FL09 - Flight Leader Khotaro Fumai

FM10 - Flight Member VanWyck

FM11 - Flight Member Fet'ai'narun

FM12 - Flight Member OPEN

So in closing, what do you, members of the Ravana Squadron, want to see occur? Is there certain activities you'd like to see? What are your interests? Questions?? Comments? If you do have any questions or comments, you can email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. My office is always open. Also be sure an check out the Reports from our Quaestor and Aedile as well as those of the Consul and Proconsul.

Squadron dismissed.

Sith Warrior Tsingtao Ming

Prefect of Gamuslag

Dark Scholar of Ragnos

Sith Commander of the Ravana Squadron

Senior Commander of the Dlarit SOG

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