Aedile Report


Aedile Report

06/22/2008 to 06/29/2008


  • The House Feud is starting up on Tuesday (July 1st). Make sure to participate.

  • Since I'm leaving on that same day, that's the due date for the tempAED applications.

  • As I said, I'm leaving on my LOA. It'll be so good not to see any of you for two whole months. :P

  • Sidarace's term as Intern has finished. He did an excellent job. Let's just hope he took what he learned and puts it to good use someday. :P

  • APP Rodimus joined Dinaari.

  • DA Duga Taldrya Arkarso was awarded an Emerald Crescent.

  • SWL Kraval Novir drove into a whore with his Escalade and stole her money and her Emerald Crescent.

  • SBL Havoc snagged a Topaz Crescent and 2 Clusters of Fire.

  • JH Jerse Remid got a Sapphire Crescent.

  • JH Sidarace Rathden was awarded a Sapphire Crescent as well.

  • JH Corax "Baron" Zarjin went home with a Topaz Crescent. Unfortunately, he didn't get lucky.

  • PRT JEgora Fal received an Emerald Crescent.

  • ACO Dannyri Panne got 2 Clusters of Fire

  • No SA Exams done this week.

  • ACO Dannyri Panne was promoted to Protector (PRT)!

Lots of competitions happening in Dinaari and in Taldryan this week and month. Here's a sneak peek:

  • ** CLAN TALDRYAN HOUSE FEUD!** - Check your e-mails for this info. For whe whole month of July, House Dinaari will battle House Ektrosis for the title of "First House" or something equally grand. No new competitions will be introduced during this month, so make your activity count! SQUISH EKTROSIS LIKE THE BUGS THEY ARE!

  • ** Vlad's Easter Egg Hunt** - This competition involves paying attention. Specifically, members of House Dinaari will (carefully) read Quaestor reports published by Vladet Xavier. In his QUA reports Vladet will hide an "easter egg" which is an intentional hidden message/image/link/etc somewhere within his report. Instructions/Details:

  • Hunt the Jedi - Members of House Dinaari will have to use their investigation skills to solve a puzzle. Once a week the Dinaari Quaestor will send out three clues which relate to any given member of the Dark Brotherhood (not including the Rogues and Inactive). Members will have to use these clues to figure out which Dark Jedi the Quaestor is seeking. ENDING TOMORROW. Instructions/Details:

  • Dinaari Mad-Lib! - Dinaari members have to fill in the appropriate spots in a small paragraph. The top 3 funniest submissions win 5th-level crescents. ENDING TOMORROW. Instructions/Details:

  • The Dominus Sicarius II is a new take on a familiar thing. It's too long to summarize, so I'll just direct you to the link. This is more of a prestige competition rather than anything else. ENDING TOMORROW.


Other Competitions of Note:

Remember, kids - participating in competitions means activity. Activity means awards and/or promotions. The more you do, the more it counts.

  • Kaek is moving, and I am sad in the pants.

  • Applications are being taken for Gaming Tribune. Check the news site for details.

  • Combat Master applications are also being accepted. Check up on that.

  • For more DB News, check out the...News Page!

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