Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Sitting in his office at the Clan military headquarters on Judecca, Dante kicked his feet up on his desk and started going over some messages that had begun to pile up while he was attending meetings for the past couple of days. One message said that he would be taking one of the newest members of the House, newly minted Protector Reiden, as his apprentice. He’d worked with the younger man some already, so the Dark Paladin didn’t think it would be too hard to light a fire under his new apprentice.

As he began to shuffle through the messages, he found a disturbing sitrep on the Blades of Chaos. Looks like they were just beginning the hard part of their mission, Dante thought to himself as he finished going over the report.

Reiden had come to him asking about why he disliked House Caliburnus so much, and Dante had told him that he would tell him later. The old trooper chuckled as the he thought back over the disagreements that he had had with Thran’s significant other and a few other members of that house, but he figured that since Archangel was running it that he should at least be less hateful towards them... Nah…


Welcome to my newest Aedile report….:)

Position Changes:


Competition Results:

Target Practice

RH 100600

Nihil 121100

Reiden 60100

NPC Comp


1st Place Cethgus

2nd Place RH

3rd Place Nihil


1st Place Cethgus

2nd Place Nihil

3rd Place RH


1st Place Cethgus

2nd Place Nihil

3rd Place RH

Sgt. Major

1st Place Nihil

2nd Place Cethgus

3rd Place RH

Congrats to all those who placed!

Medals will be forthcoming…

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This comp is already doing quite well, keep up the entries!

Well, that’s about it for this report.


Angelo Dante

Aedile of House Dorimad Sol

Dark Paladin of Scholae Palatinae

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