Aedile Report


Aedile Report

_SW Odin Vaaj

Aedile of House Tridens

House Tridens

Clan Tarentum_

Tridens Aedile Report No. 004

Between Rain and Dry, Light and Dark, Delight and Sorrow, Abstract and Solid, Uncertain and Certain, a heart is strengthened or weakened, a typical person ascertained, but not determined. Only by himself he can change or sustain, none else will be able to alter. Better or worse is a point of view, as long as he uses his insight to balance his childish and parenting views, proportional objective reality will support him to be better and have a better life.

Greetings Tridens,

Two weeks has passed, and we are now in the last day of June. I have finished my short course on managing emotions before entering my residentship, so my semi-LoA currently over and I am back on the road. Interesting paradigm I got from there, that having emotions was important to make it smart. Feelings rule our life, our mind and behavior, thus if we want to be better persons we have to sharpen those feelings and transfer them into such appropriate circumstances to get better result for all. It seems difficult, isn't it? However it's not as hard as thought while we have known the standard. Funny thing is that I can discern deeper about emotional subject and the Force philosophy in Star Wars Universe. I got one thing to conclude, Lucas and the other novel authors in SWEU were really smart to mix the feelings.

Well, a bit quiet for the last two weeks, since QUA Raiju has been still in his semi-LoA, so I didn't have someone to disturb :/. However I am glad that you, the members of Tridens continuously show your hidden potential in such range of activities challenged to you. I can assure that whatever you have done to the House and Clan and to yourself of course (enhancing your knowledge, fun and skill), won't be missed, in fact they are really appreciated and expected. Especially when the Activity Tracking Record Database System will work after the Beta Test is complete in the near future.

Next we will go to the regular sections of this report.


Our Clan Competitions, the First Phase of the Renegade Trilogy has been over, and the second will be in August, as CON Anshar announced to us. Congrats to Cypha for being the third winner of the overall events!

The position of Combat Master and Gaming Tribune are now open. Read the prerequisites here and here. The deadlines will be July 4, 2008. So for you who are interested to apply, this is your time.

Thank you for some volunteers in Tridens who have participated in Tarentum ATR Beta Test Phase 1, hopefully the system will be ready to go to the next phase soon.



  1. Tridens Quest for Knowledge

Results : Cypha for the 1st, Kyra for the 2nd, Orin for the 3rd.

  1. Tridens Motto

Results : On hold, waiting for the QUA's return

  1. Primus Pilus of Tridens

Details :

Deadline : June 30

Note : You gotta be active to receive this Pilus, so share your time on activities!

  1. Tridens' Enigma

Details :

Deadline : July 15 for the first stage

Note : I will send the first enigma after this report for you to conquer.


  1. Meditation on The Force

Details :

Deadline : July 1 (with Raken's revision)

Note :Describe the philosophy of the Force guiding your character or fitting your personal belief of what the Force is (in character, or not). Send the submission to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and include your PIN and ID line in the document.Put [Fiction] in the subject.



Welcome to Tridens :

ACO Tratorus

ACO Munchiun Caractar

GRD DarkMarine

And welcome back to Tridens :

KP Sephiroth Shamsan Kali


KP Sephiroth visiting rogue for awhile :) but now he has been with us again


Zero Raven completed Starfighter Studies, Weapon Basics

Tratorus completed Weapon Basics

Kyra Starfire completed Force Philosophy


ACO Orin Cordus received a Crescent with Topaz Star (Cr-T) for winning Tridens Quest for Knowledge (3rd place)

PRT Cypha received a Crescent with Emerald Star (Cr-E) for winning Tridens Graphics competition, a crescent with Sapphire Star (Cr-S) for winning Tridens Quest for Knowledge (1st place)

GRD Kyra Starfire received 2x Legion of the Scholar (LSS) for winning Raken's Relentless Trivia , a Crescent with Emerald Star (Cr-E) for winning Tridens Quest for Knowledge (2nd place), a Dark Cross (DC) for her work.

JH Rickson McRiever received 2x Cluster of Fire (CF) for ICTE games

JH Dock Alfar received 2x Legion of Scholar (LSS) for winning Raken's Relentless Trivia, a Crescent of Ruby star! (Cr-R) for winning Mad Alchemist's Trivia

SW Odin Vaaj received a Crescent with Sapphire Star (Cr-S) for winning an IG events (2nd in the Debate event)

SBL MERLANCE received a Crescent with Amethyst Star (Cr-A) for winning an IG events (1st in the Debate event)

Congrats to all of you!


None to report for this two week span since some are still in the process.


JH Dock Alfar vs DJK Malaki, winner DJK Malaki.


ACO Zama set a LoA notification


208 Battlelord ShadowFoxx

402 Battlelord Kessian Armus

4359 Battlelord MERLANCE

4630 Priest Sephiroth Shamshan Kali

6447 Warrior Odin Vaaj

7085 Warrior Adien Corsair d'Tana

9121 Warrior Raiju Corsair

9118 Dark Jedi Knight Evant Taelyan

7233 Jedi Hunter Szordryn Telnos

7410 Jedi Hunter Dock Alfar

7907 Jedi Hunter Theron Mar

9367 Jedi Hunter Bieten Macht Elols

9391 Jedi Hunter Rickson McCriever

4224 Guardian DarkMarine

4960 Guardian Telos

7699 Guardian Kyra Starfire

7875 Protector Qauntis

8743 Protector Zama

9289 Protector Keinan Waius

9775 Protector Drichar Deis

10035 Protector Cypha

5946 Acolyte kitiaro bloodbane

6491 Acolyte weaponx

7936 Acolyte Draven

8237 Acolyte Tratorus

8326 Acolyte Adrianna Darkwing

8465 Acolyte Kaox Darzu

8681 Acolyte Draco Black

8714 Acolyte Munchiun Caractar

9956 Acolyte Orin Cordus

9931 Novice Ronc Yenfag

10081 Novice Mentai Felon

9903 Apprentice Nyu-Shin

9984 Apprentice Zero Raven

10058 Apprentice Janon Vek


Tarentum Website

Promotional Guide

Master/Student Program

IRC Guide

Journeymen Guide

Tridens Messageboard


As usual, now it's time for the Triden's Dark-Soul Rendezvous of the Week, and it goes to Kyra! Great Job! The accumulation of the Rendezvous will be seen next week in breaking news section. Well, only one thing left I haven't mentioned about, keep the communication channel on. We will not know what's your expectation unless you tell us, as long as it's achievable and proportional for all, we are here to help you.

My email address is always open to bug and I share my time in the IRC as well if you want to see me there. Other Tridens summit will also open to the feed back, QUA Raiju and RM Elols . So, create our home as really a house, good interaction among the member of the house. Your valuable feedback is really expected.

Go beat your limit, Tridens!


SW Odin Vaaj

Aedile of House Tridens

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