Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Welcome to another edition of Ye Olde Reporte.

Breaking News:

My thoughts go out to Bob, who is dealing with the massive floods in the midwest US these days. I wish it would rain here instead... we need it badly. My area is actually classified as being in a "severe drought" this year. Which is a drag if you have bonsai, I have to water the suckers by hand sometimes twice a day. And having about 30 makes it even more interesting. Also, WELCOME BACK to Malisane. As well, news of my stepping down has been exaggerated. I'm staying on a bit as requested, then going to give you whippersnappers a chance later on.

Mad Mac's Alchemy Quiz

Is going quite nicely. Rounds one and two just finished up, and now I'm getting ready to post the round 3 questions today. Some of the questions have been pretty hard, I hear. That is what I like to see. :P Mad Alchemist's Trivia Still one more week left to earn those LSS!!

Other Comps:

Entire DJB

Meditations on the Force Competitions Ends 7/31/2008

Clan Naga Sadow

Gangs of Seng Karash Competition Ends 6/30/2008 (Today! Better get writing!!!)

Mal'ari'carun's Character Development Extravaganza Lots of crescents to be had here! Ends 9/11/2008

Jade Serpents

Lightsaber Training Competition Starts June 30 and Ends July 3. This looks pretty cool! Good idea, Joseem.


StarLion, Promoted from Priest to Archpriest

Faeril Munlear, Promoted from Dark Jedi Knight to Warrior

Kaelin Ring, Promoted from Dark Jedi Knight to Templar

Joseem Maruuch, Promoted from Jedi Hunter to Dark Jedi Knight

Pylarus, Promoted from Protector to Guardian

Hostan Dreever, Promoted from Novice to Acolyte

Notice some rather big ones. That's a big deal, congrats and thanks to all who have served their Clan so well.


I'm not going to list them all, as Faeril did that already. However- Bob RULES. That man has gotten more crescents ion the last little bit than I've seen outside of a GJW. Way to go, BOB! Also, Tsingtao has been working hard. He has a thing for trivia comps- and does well at them.

Shadow Academy Courses:

Hostan Dreever, Passed the Obelisk Core & ACC Initiates Courses

Tassadar, Passed the Astronomy Course

Abyssimus, Passed the Wiki Basics Course

Macron Keibatsu Sadow, Passed the Freighters & Transports Course- with a 100, woot!

You know, taking these can help towards promotions. Especially if you manage to earn a Degree.

Random Madness:

This is from an old comp "Sharmin's Upheaval In Jade Serpents" that I wrote way back. A bit more lighthearted than the usual fare, but interesting nonetheless.

"The shooting stopped as she ducked behind a crate. An All Clear klaxon sounded from the speakers high in the duracrete ceiling. Everything then proceeded to get very quiet. Booted footsteps came clacking up the walkway. She counted three sets, and perhaps a fourth stealthy one.

“And who did this?” came a voice she recognized as Revenant, the Sith Commander of Sapphire Squadron. “Uh,” mumbled one of the troopers as booted footsteps approached his fallen friend. These steps sounded different from the others and she wanted to look, but yet she did not wish to expose herself just yet. Patience was a Krath virtue, unlike the rash Sith and Obelisks.

As the footsteps stopped, she could hear the humming repulsors coils of a nearby grav-sled. “He is not yet dead,” came a modulated voice from a vocoder. “Bring him to the medcenter, and then to my lab,” came the voice. “He will explain this waste of resources and time to me personally. And bring me Sergeant Mkkith, the duty officer.”

“Sharmin, you can come out now,” came a telepathic contact. “Sorry about that,” spoke Macron as she stood up. He had his hand clenched, and the trooper that had muttered “Uh” was grasping his throat and gurgling. He fell to the floor, alive but agonized by the lesson. Revenant and Dessan stood nearby, checking a comlink readout of the skirmish.

Sildrin appeared nearby, dressed in the robes of a Black Guard. “Welcome aboard,” she said. “Glad to have another Krath about. Sorry about the unpleasant welcome. These guys are kinda jumpy after all the recent conflict.”

Macron strode up to the group and chuckled as he removed his helm to show his scarred face. “The bar is this way,” he beckoned as they began to laugh and walk. Med droids and cleanup units were attending to the mess behind them.

As they walked by the Lab, screams could be heard as Sildrin opened the door.

She came back out with a steaming beaker in her hand, she asked, “Coffee, anyone?”

“Yeah,” replied Revenant. “Has it got whisky in it?”

“Of course,” replied Sildrin as they all had some. Macron passed out several cookies as they neared the Bar, and Sharmin realized this place might not be so bad after all. Macron then showed her to her office. It was, of course, right off of the bar. She grinned.


SWL Mononoke "Macron" Keibatsu Sadow

Fourth Caste of the Inner Order

Consul Emeritus

Aedile of HLK

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