Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Night Hawks

  Jade walked into the main hall everyone was sitting, waiting, and looking over at the strange sight of armed troopers at the entrance way, something Jade has never used before. She sat calmly in the seat at the head of the table and grinned as they started to fidget in their seats. She never sat down, came in and gave them data pads and left without saying a word, but never has she sat down before.  This could only mean trouble.  

  “Some of you have failed to stand up to Night Hawks rules.” She waved a hand and the troopers came forward dragging Kantor, Kaos and Valanis away. “They will have to reapply to get in.” She grinned and looked around at her members, pausing to grin and nod at Zaxen. “Welcome back my apprentice! I look forward to continuing and completing your trails.”  

   “Activity has been slowly coming back, which is good in a way. However you are the Night Hawk Elite, it’s time we showed the House and Clan just what that means again.  As it is our sister Team in HMR thinks they can out do us, or at least hope too in the future. I think we need to give them a little something extra to work towards don’t you?!” They all slowly nodded, wondering if the troopers were going to come back and drag any more members from the hall.  

   “As such I am formally announcing to you that I am looking for a second in command. Someone I can trust to keep things running and to light a fire under the Night Hawks to keep activity high if I ever need to go on LOA.”  Jade loved the shocked expressions.  “It won’t be easy and if you don’t adhere to the same rules. That is remaining active, you will also be removed.  The job requires you to be at least Hawk Status within the Battle Team.  And since there are a couple of you who are merely one competition away from achieving that rank, I will give you until July 12 to achieve the rank and to apply for the position.”  Jade took one last look around and left her members to talk things over.  

OOC: A reminder that AT LEAST ONE BATTLE TEAM COMPETITION MUST be done PER WEEK in order for you to remain in the Night Hawks.

OOC: To apply for my second in command you must be of Night Hawk rank of Hawk or higher. Email myself on how you intend to stay active, how you would encourage your fellow team members to be active, and what you would like to see as something new for the Night Hawks.


Krath Tetrarch—BTL--Jade Imperial--Dark Jedi Knight--Fallen

Sith Flight Member—Teu—Guardian—Hawk

Krath Tyro—Zaxen Dauketrenal—Jedi Hunter—Enforcer

Sith Flight Member - Ekeia Iclo – Jedi Hunter – Hawk

Obelisk Trooper—Zaroth Kalikrayye—Jedi Hunter—Enforcer

Krath Tyro-- Mal'ari'carun

Priest—Enforcer Second Class

Krath Tyro-- Shan Long—DJM—Fallen

Sith Flight Member—Nik Walls—Novice—Trainee

We say good bye to:

Krath Tyro-- Kantor—Apprentice—Trainee

Sith Flight Member—Kaos—Acolyte—Trainee

Krath Tyro—Valanis—Protector—Trainee

  Who failed to respond to the NH requirement of one competition a week and for not responding to AWOL email checks.  

  They can apply to get back in when they so choose.  

We welcome in:

Zaxen who is back from LOA!!! Welcome back my apprentice!!!


Nik Walls has been promoted to NOVICE!!! AWESOME JOB!!!

Mal'ari'carun has been promoted within the BT ranks to Enforcer!!


Below you will see where you are at, and what you need to do to get higher up! For now the standings are as followed:

Ekeia--> 2x comps for Vulture

Zaroth-->3x comps for Hawk

Teu1X comps for Vulture

Zaxen Dauketrenal1X comps for Hawk

Mal'ari'carun1X comps for Hawk

Kantor3X comps for Enforcer 2nd Class

Kaor3X comps for Enforcer 2nd Class

Valanis3X comps for Enforcer 2nd Class

Nik Walls3X comps for Enforcer 2nd Class


Medals Galore!!

  I am currently implementing a New reward system for the Night Hawks. Your job is to design a Medal based on the following.  There are 3 medals to design.  Each will have a winner would will get the crescent and laced on the Night Hawk Wiki.  

Clawed Spirit

  The Last in the standing of the three activity awards. This depicts the claw of the Night Hawk masquot.  Gold in colour with a jet black back ground. Lighting bolts of silver are pin striped through the claw.  Given to those members who have received 4 Darkness Bidden awards. Shows that the receiver has loyalty and courage in their heart to bring their fellow Battle Team members to a high standing and to show just how proud they are to be a night Hawk Elite.  

The Daggers Beak

     A coveted and hard to obtain award.  This Medal is a rarity in its awarding. Given only to those who have done a mission for the Battle Team leader, and brought the Night Hawks to a proud and noble standing by their actions.   

Time Capsule

  This is where you get to be part of  Night Hawk History. We are making a time capsule, laving our mark for the next generation. Pick an item and say why you chose hat item to put in.  I suggest you look at the Night Hawk wiki for things that will help you pick something Night Hawk related.  All entries will go on the wiki so if you wish to make a picture for your item feel free.  

Mal’ari’cun has one as well. This one will help you to build up your characters background more allow for easy RP on run on’s as well as input for your wiki! Go check it out! It’s fun!!,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=3591


Shadow Academy Courses:

None this week….What’s up with that?

ACC Battles:

KP Mal'ari'carun vs. JH Zaroth Kalikrayye have gone to battle, with Zaroth declared the victor!! Congrats you two on taking part in the ACC and to Zaroth for winning!! Keep it up you too!!

Competitions Entered:

Ekeia has entered Armed with Wings

Jade Atema has entered Armed with Wings

Jade Atema has entered Aricarun’s Character History Comp

Remember to CC me on your entries!!

IRC Presence:

Mal'ari'carun has been spotted on IRC

Zaroth has been spotted on IRC

Teu has been spotted on IRC

Trev has been spotted on IRC

Zaxen has been spotted on IRC

Jade has been spotted on IRC


Mal'ari'carun received a Dark Cross!! AWESOME Job!!

Jade received 2 Crescents with Emerald Stars

The Swords Real Life:

  I’ve been getting ready for the summer. Went on a boating trip here on the weekend so now I officially look like a lobster!! I’m also still packing for the move and finalizing my courses for the fall for university.  My summer job is going well, slow but not bad.  I’ve joined the SCA up here so am having fun at that. Not to mention the night where after archery we went to play rock band!! That’s SO much fun!!  Other than that I’m preparing for the Calgary Stampede!! It’s a huge event up here people from all over come to see what’s happening. Games, concerts, food, rodeos, fireworks and etc!  

In Closing:

  Go out and having fun! There are is tonne of competitions out and more will be arriving soon!  Don’t forget about your piece of Night Hawk history!! Give me a submission for the time capsule!!  

  There is always something to do and right now, don’t forget about applying to be my “second in command.”  You have until July 12 to apply and become Hawk status for this position.  Each three competitions that you enter raises you up a rank within the battle team itself so it’s very easy to accomplish the Hawk rank if you go for it!!  Now go out and have fun!!  

   And remember YOU ARE the NIGHT HAWK ELITE!!!  


We miss you so hurry back soon guys and gals!!

Teu until July 1

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