Gaming Tribune Report


Gaming Tribune Report

Welcome to my first report as Tribune!

I apologize for the slight tardiness, but my wife decided to have our son a couple of weeks early...:)

Gaming Nights

These will run from Sunday to Friday for the moment, but I plan on bringing back some sort of Sunday tournament at least monthly once I can see about whether or not we can go back to the SIT type of rewards. I'll be sitting down this weekend to award all of the past CF's that need to be awarded as well as any PoB's that need to be caught up on.


A new site! With reporting and live scores so that no one will have to worry about if they hit their 6 or 7 opponents.

Karel and I were chatting last week about how I'd love to get a site complete with live scoring, and lo and behold, he made one for me while I was semi-LoA playing daddy to my newborn. For a look at the site check out as it should be totally operational by this weekend.

Grand Master's Royal Guard

This should be ready for release in the coming month as I need to get with Muz and Sarin on the prospectus that I sent them regarding the return of the Guard. It will mostly be a points based honorific with the emphasis on active gaming instead of being separate from the rest of the DJB.

New External Gaming

I've been in contact with three groups already about setting up some limited scale comps for us. More info on this as we get closer to a finalized comp.

Console Gaming

I've been investigating the major console gaming community sites that deal with competitions, and I'll be forwarding a plan to Muz/Sarin on this at the end of the month.

Remember... ICTE starts at midnight EST on Saturday and runs for 24 hours.... I hope to see everyone on #outerrim!



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