Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Feud Report

Yes, I’ll be focusing on the feud. Why? Because it ends in four days and we need to get in gear. I just made the last RO post and the battle plan has been submitted. What I need from you folks is to do the poetry event, the fiction, and the graphics stuff. Since my last email pestering the house we’ve only had one submission for the poetry portion. We’re barely ahead of Ekky folks, we need to keep the lead that we have. The graphics portion isn’t hard, heck I took a bunch of EAW screen shots and made them into a little slide show. And the fiction isn’t bad either, you only need to do ONE page minimum. At twelve point font with times new roman that is an easy steal. Come on Dinaari, get into gear for this last stretch. My previous offers still stand.


Just today our very own Ben was given some Dark Side Scrolls for his wiki work. Congrats you wiki whore you :P

Vlad got a Grand Cross for his JST hand work. That sounds kinda gay doesn’t it?

Havoc got some CFs for gaming. Oh I remember those gaming days of mine

Dannyri also got CFs for gaming. Are you people trying to bring back memories of my glory days?


Swipes is leaving us :( He’s getting married. That means he’s the next Jac, never to return to us again

Final thoughts

Get to working on the feud stuff. I want to be able to krav Sklib over the next couple of weeks and have it be justified.

SWL Kraval Novir (Sith)/AED/Dinaari of Taldryan

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