Master At Arms Report


Master At Arms Report

trumpets sound Another MAA report!


I have successfully finished moving to Indiana and getting myself settled into law school. There should be no significant delays in getting any of your requests processed because of my personal situation with the sole exception of next week: because I have an exam. Sklib is around, however, so hopefully not. Yay.

Policy Updates and Clarifications

Concerning Competitions: Just a very important reminder – please do not forget to indicate that you have approval from the relevant leaders of whatever particular unit you plan to run a competition for in submission form. The only time when you don’t have to do this is when you actually are the leader in question. See Sklib’s little section for more.

Concerning Transfers and Recruitment: Last month we had a veritable emoplosion of ragequit transfers. Seriously…in an unofficial capacity…lame. Way lame. But it’s perfectly within the rights of a DB member to be lame. Anyhow, I clarified the policies on inter-Clan transfers in my last report (and it’s still there for you to read if you missed it) but there are a few additional comments I need to make on transfers and recruitment.

Firstly, some people have complained about the 10-word requirement in transfers. I realize that if you’re transferring to or from the rogues for RL reasons, you may not have 10 words. That’s fine. You can just type a little chat convo to me or something. But if you’re going from Clan to Clan, you need to follow the policy set in my last report.

Secondly, there have been a lot of questions raised about ‘illegal’ recruiting. Allow me to settle this definitively for all of you. As far as I am aware, it is not and has never been ‘illegal’ to actively try to recruit people into other Clans (with certain exceptions: see below). However, it has always been frowned upon. A Consul that engages or allows his members to engage in this sort of recruitment is not going to be subject to CoJ charges: rather his or her punishment is that some people will hold a lower opinion of him. Having a bad reputation is a big deal in the Brotherhood, believe it or not. It becomes harder to work with your fellow leaders; people stop trusting you; your members are potentially less loyal and can be poached off in the same way that you poached them off. You engage in recruitment at your own risk. Personally, I’d prefer to see the continued unwritten rule of not recruiting: it’s better for the Brotherhood in the long run. This explanation does not apply to open applications for leadership positions.

The only form of recruiting that is illegal and has always been illegal is quid pro quo recruiting. This is when a member is invited to join a Clan in exchange for a promotion or a medal. If I find evidence of this…there will be trouble.

Anyways, I hope the transfer situation is suitably clarified. Please note that I have consulted with Sarin before posting this and we are in complete agreement.


Super AWOL Check: Still on hold until the new CSes are complete.

Updated Family Census: This will begin tomorrow or the day after. All family leaders (and wannabe family leaders) should have their personal rosters ready and their family histories ready to submit to me. I will detail specific instructions in a separate post.

Das Uber Policy Revisions: Stay tuned – discussions on the first stage of these are underway.


No competitions for now but if anyone would like to make me little graphical banners for future reports, feel free to do so. If I like them, you’ll be rewarded.


Staff is good. Tarax is still on leave for another couple weeks and Sklib is back in action. For the record, please do not ask me if I need staff. Allow me to be Kaekey in my explanation of why: first of all, I don’t need anybody else. Secondly, even if I did, if you’re asking me you’re not the kind of person who I’m going to hire. Thirdly, MOVES4POWER will not be tolerated. kthx.

Other Stuff?

Congratulations to Raken on his promotion. And of course, Chaos fails.

Sklib Says

A new look into the mind of my n00bish Praetor

For my first “Sklib Says,” there's a few things I think we need to make clear. First, make sure you have your superior's approval for the competition if you're not a Summit member. At least twice a week Kaek and I have to deny a perfectly acceptable competition because there's no indication if it was approved by the House, Clan, or Battleteam Leaders. Secondly, if there were less than three people in a competition... you have to downgrade the medals. For example, if it's a 5th level competition with only two submitters, you don't give out an Emerald and Topaz, you change that to a Topaz and Quartz. That's it for Sklib says this time around, good hunting everyone.

Closing Remarks

I pwn

Dark Side Adept Syn Kaek

Master At Arms

DA Syn Kaek (Sith)/MAA/Dark Council [ACC: JUD]

AK / GC-PoTP / SC-SoH / AC-ToSC / DC-GP / SN-BL / Cr-8A-2S-3E-4T-3Q / CF-SF / DSS-BL / SI-AuL / SoL-TC / LS-BL / S:-9M-3R-1C-2D-3Do-4Dk-1Rm-14P


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