Master At Arms Report


Master At Arms Report

This isn’t a real report so much as me placing up notices that were lost during the database downtime for permanent consumption. There will be a 2-week extension on the family census starting today. That means the family census ends on September 8th. DO NOT FORGET TO DO THIS!!!!!!1111oneoneeleven

Family and Clan Name Census 08

Posted by: DA Syn Kaek (Sith) - 8/11/2008 6:58:34 PM

Here it is: the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The infamous Family and Clan Name Census of 2008!

Before I begin with instructions on how to report to me, let me first take this opportunity to clarify some of the policies that have been in effect and make a few changes. Firstly, a significant change to #3 of the family policies: families are defined as a group of 3 or more individuals who share the same last name. Groups of two are not defined as a family though they are still required to report to the Master At Arms. There are no restrictions on two members with the same last name. Additionally, the required family history/information must be at least 10 pages long. We found that the 4-5 page requirement is not conducive to producing a thorough well-developed fictional background for families and therefore, we decided to up the requirement.

Secondly, a clarification on clan names: if you have a clan title and go rogue, you retain that name unless your clan specifies otherwise or you go to a different clan when you return from rogue.

I hope those are clear. Now, here is what I require of all families and Consuls. First, the easy part: Consuls, if you would be so good as to send me an updated list of all the current clan title holders. All I need a list of who has the name. That’s it. Thanks.

For families, I need your family leader or your family representative to contact me within 2 weeks with an updated roster of members and whatever fictional history you currently have. If you’re in a family and you’re unsure whether or not your leader/representative is going to do this, check with them. If you get no response, feel free to contact me. All I need is at least one member of the family (preferably the leader or representative) to contact me with an updated roster and history within 2 weeks.

Families that do not respond within 2 weeks will be put on probation (no new members will be allowed) until they do respond. If there is no response after a significant time from any family members, the family will be officially dissolved.

If you share a last name with two other individuals, please be sure to register even if you do not meet the requirements to form an official family. I still classify you as ‘attempting’ to make a family and you are therefore still subject to the regulations.

There will be no ‘grandfathering’ this time around. The goal is to bring all families into compliance with the regulations. If a family lacks a DA+ member, they will not be allowed to have new members until they do. If a family lacks a 10 page history, they will not be allowed to have new members until they do. With regard to the history, there will be at least a one month grace-period for families to put together something to submit to myself and the Herald before they are unable to recruit.

Lastly, if you share a last name with only one other member, please report to me as well. You’ve done nothing wrong and you’re not in violation of any rules but I want to keep a record of who you are so that I don’t have people complaining to me about you trying to form families.

If you have any questions, just let me know. Complaints should NOT be placed in the comments but should instead be emailed to me. Thanks

DA Syn Kaek

Master At Arms

Family Reminder and Clarification

Posted by: DA Syn Kaek (Sith) - 8/14/2008 7:05:39 PM

Just a reminder to all families to register with me for the census. This includes any group of 3 or more people who all share the same last name. I don’t care if you currently do not meet the requirements to form a family - you still need to register with me.

Also, if you share your last name with only one other person, you also need to register with me.


DA Syn Kaek

Master At Arms

Consuls and other members of the Dark Summit,

Though I planned to mention this in my next report, I wanted to go ahead and pass this on to you and your Clans before A.) I forget, and B.) People ask me about it again. Please forward this to your Clan mailing list.

I want to clarify the current policy on dossier removals and deactivation. Currently, most members are not aware of the options available to them in terms of how their dossiers will be handled in the event that they wish to leave the Brotherhood. In order to minimize my workload and to help members make more responsible choices, I present to you the options that are available.

Transfer to the Rogues: In the event that a member doesn't have time for the Brotherhood or wants to take a break, they can request a transfer to the rogues. Rogue transfers for real life purposes are almost always approved rather quickly and this is the ideal way for a member to proceed in those instances. Even if a member is no longer interested in the Brotherhood at all, I would suggest only a transfer to the rogues and nothing more. In the event that a member realizes they want to come back, it's a simple matter of transferring back to their previous Clan quickly. Members who have been gone for a substantial amount of time are, of course, welcome to transfer to any Clan they like when they return but the practice of Clan hopping (going rogue and then transferring from rogue to another Clan in order to avoid the hassles of an inter-Clan transfer) is not allowed. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: always consider going rogue before any other option.

Inactive Dossier: If a member wants a little bit more finality to the termination of their Brotherhood career or wants to make it very clear to people recruiting from the rogues that they are not interested in being an active member of the Brotherhood, they can request to have their dossier marked as inactive. In that event, I will move the member to the rogues and then mark the dossier as inactive. Information on the dossier will not show up (it will display as "This dossier is inactive") though the dossier itself will still show up in searches.

Invisible Dossier: If a member wants their dossier not to appear at all in the database but still wants to keep it there in case they decide to return, I can make their dossier completely invisible except to a few of us with high enough database access. If a member makes this request, I will move them to the rogues, set their dossier to inactive and make it invisible. In cases where someone wants to be 'deleted,' I would recommend you consider making your dossier invisible first.

Permanent Deletion: If you absolutely are 100% sure that you do not want to be in the Brotherhood and you do not want to ever return, you have the option of requesting permanent deletion. In this instance, I will erase your name, email address, rank, medals, personal data, history, etc. Your dossier will be moved to the rogues, marked inactive and invisible and then marked as deleted. Once your dossier is deleted, it is gone. I will NOT restore it. It cannot be recovered. It is unequivocally destroyed. I will not negotiate with you. I will not oblige you. I will not help you. If you make the choice to have your dossier deleted, it's gone and it's not coming back. If you change your mind and want to return, you'll have to start from scratch. Needless to say, this is not an option that should be considered lightly.

I'm drawing the line here on permanent deletion because it costs us (read, Jac) money to have to pull up database backups from the host so we can restore your dossier. I don't think it's fair that we should make someone who has selflessly dedicated so much time to the Brotherhood pay for people being indecisive/childish/irresponsible/insert-derisive-Kaek-adjective-here. Also, manually restoring dossiers is a huge pain in the ass. So seriously...if you want to be deleted, make sure you really want it. Because I'm not going to restore your dossier. Consider one of the lesser options first as those are easy for me to implement and easy for me to restore: I have absolutely no problem making someone invisible and then making them visible again if they change their mind.

Pursuant to the new implementation of these policies, I will be recording the name and PIN of everyone who requests to be made inactive/invisible or have their dossier deleted for reference purposes. No other information will be kept.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email. Obviously, I can't implement any changes to dossier status until after the database is restored so if you want to take any of these actions, please be patient. I'll be re-posting this in my next report once the database is back up. Thank you again

DA Syn Kaek

Master At Arms

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