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Since everyone here in New Orleans is freaking out about the incoming hurricane, I'll get a short report out today just in case we have to evacuate this weekend.

Lost matches?

Jac provided me with a list of all lost matches, and I have sent emails to the members who reported them with a concise list of their games. At this time, almost all matches have been re-entered by those members so should be hardly any missing matches.

Many thanks to Jac for his efforts in restoring the lost gaming stats as well as the rest of the site!


First off, I'd like everyone to check out the new site that Karel was good enough to make for us at:

It allows for real time scoring of the ICTE as well as automatically updating the archives instead of having to add excel spreadsheets to the site.

Congratulations on both Ace and Tirano on their respective All-Star statuses over the past month.

Participation has been lagging the last couple of weeks, but I expect it to return to the normal levels now that the site has reappeared.

Grand Master's Royal Guard

I have sent the final prospectus to the GM/DGM for review, and I am currently awaiting feedback on this. If approved, then all we are waiting on is the coding to be implemented on the website. This was put on hold a bit due to the recent website issues, but it will hopefully be resolved so we can hit the ground running with this.<br  

That is all.

Angelo Dante

Tribune of Gaming  


Take care out that way dude. I know a thing or two about hurricanes (For those not in the know, I live in Central Florida), and they're not fun.

If you can arrange it, please have Gustav avoid hitting the oil facilities. Thanks, that. ;)

I love in Charleston, SC. Hurricanes ain't no thang, son. :P

Take it easy.

Live too. But not limited to loving.


Set myself to LoA.

They're gonna call a mandatory evacuation starting tomorrow for my parish (St. Charles) so I'll see you guys later.

Malidir is in charge of ICTE, and I'll try and process Gaming Nights for August next week sometime.

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