Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Blades of Chaos Battle Team Leader Report

Cethgus sat down and looked at his surroundings, it didn't seem that there was much to do lately, and he knew that it would be only a matter of time before the clan was called to war again. He decided to make do with what time he had to catch up on his ever growing pile of paper work, it never seemed to stop getting bigger and bigger no matter how much work the Obelisk did. He lets his usual and well known sigh escape his lips as he felt the urge to try and find something else to do instead of the paper work.

He finally gave in and started to do some of this work, feeling that if he didn't start doing it again, he would overflow his office. As he sat there he heard a knock on the door and looked up to see Reiden standing in the door way looking at his sergeant. Cethgus smiled at least he could do this work with someone to keep him company, things were starting to look up after all. As he started to talk to his friend the Obelisk didn't realise that time was going by so quickly as he continued to work his way thought he pile he had to do.



If you haven't heard, the DB website is down again, they are working to fix the problem but I don't know what time that will be. So just hold on and let's wait for the website to get back up and running.

And of course the clan wide event that has been running is still going on, I believe that you all participate in this event as it is something different to the usual fighting that happens. So it's mainly about having fun, and I hope if you do take part, you enjoy taking part in it, the link is below, again have fun guys and girls:



I haven't had any medals this week, but I am sure that soon I will have be seeing medals come into my inbox; I expect this won't happen till the site is back up. I am hoping to hear were the individual placing came up for the Uneasy Alliance, they may already be out I'm not sure, I will keep you posted on that. But keep up the activity and getting the medals. I hope to see some when the website comes back online.

Shadow Academy:

As I would like to say that the shadow academy, I am not sure if it is infected or not, so I wouldn't take any chances, I would like to say that when the website comes back up you should try and take some of the exams, they allow you to get some insight into many different things, from IRC to Star Wars Weapons, anyway the following exam was completed this week:

Reiden – Old Republic History

Antei Combat Centre:

I personally find that this is a good way to practise writing and of course enjoy a good old fight to the death. You can take the SA exam or if you already have you can try and qualify. There is always a way in and then you can challenge people who you wish to fight. It's worth a shot, try it when the site comes back online.

Song of the week:

This week I had a few people send in songs, but the overall one which caught my eye came out on top, I would like to see a suggestion from all of you this week, and the topic is open, that's right anything you want to send me a link to do so. And I will put the best one on my report next week. So this week's song is:


Clans Scholae Palatine Value:

Integrity first, Service before self, and Excellence in all we do.

Cethgus out


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