Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

*Sapphire Squadron BT Report #2


Sorry I have been away. In the real world, I was in training in good

old Birmingham, AL. Trust me, sitting in a classroom for 8 hours

talking about INSURANCE is enough to turn the most honorable Jedi to the Dark Side. Then there was Dragon*Con. For those of you in the dark, Dragon*Con is the largest Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention in the US. Basically four days for fun and partying.

Also the DJB site is still down so don't use it. I'm sure you've seen

the memo, but I thought I would remind you one more time

News and Announcements

Well the roll call has come and gone and well most of you have not

answered. Those of you who have responded, you rock and you know who you are.

House Feud

It has started!!!! We are in a feud with House Marka Ragnos and we

are fighting for the right to call ourselves the best House in Clan

Naga Sadow. I can't stress enough for you to participate and help us win. This is a great way to prepare for the Great Jedi War slated for January 2009.

Event 1 is the House Feud Crossword Puzzle

Complete the crossword puzzle at this link, and send the results to

the judges. Only 100% correct entries will count. Entries will be

placed in the order they are received. This event runs the duration of

the entire Feud, this is easy participation points, even if you don't

get placement points.

Event 3 is the Clan Run-on

The Clan Runon will take place on the main CNS Forum. After the intro is posted, members may post to the runon. No member may post back to back. No edits will be allowed after the post is made. Posting must go back and forth between houses. One HMR post, one HLK post, one HMR post, ect. 2000 Feud Points will be awarded in this event. Judges will award 1-5 points for each post, based on quality (including spelling and grammar), continuity, length of post, and overall continuity. The House that amasses the most points will receive 66% of the unawarded points, and the losing house will receive 34% of the unawarded points.

Event 4 is the Battleplan

Each house will assemble a tactical team to compete in this event.

Rules will be sent to the team mailing lists when the event begins.

1500 Feud Points will be awarded.

Event 5 is Gaming

With war inevitable, the Quaestors have directed their houses to begin immediately training. You may only compete against members of your own house. There is no limit on games played. Event points are awarded following the CF table for Gaming Nights ( Multi-player games are allowed as well. Event points will determine placing for Standard Event Scoring. 500 Feud Points will be awarded.

Event 6 is Graphics

Using any graphical means, depict the fleets in orbit above Inos. 500

Feud Points will be awarded using standard event scoring.

Event 7 is Short Fiction

Depict your character as s/he prepares for the Battle of Inos.

Espionage, spying, escalating tensions. How did you spend the days as the Quaestor's negotiated. 500 Feud Points will be awarded using

standard event scoring.

Event 8 is Long Fiction

While formally negotiations are underway, you've been directed to take your personal craft and attempt to make a pass near the Moons of Inos, and hopefully discover information about the crashsite and find its location. The other House is unlikely to let you succeed. 500 Feud Points will be awarded using standard event scoring.

Get more information here: Be sure to inform me of your participation.

LoA - Leave of Absence

If you plan on being active, but are going to be away for a few days

or weeks, please be sure to notify your House Summit. In the case of Roll Calls and AWOL Checks, we don't want to accidentally remove you from our rosters. Also it will gives those the opportunity to miss you being away. (You know you like the attention!)


I'm still getting myself back to a non-convention mode.

Questions?? Comments? If you do you can email me at

[Log in to view e-mail addresses]. My office is always open.

Sith Warrior Tsingtao Ming

Prefect of Gamuslag

Sith Commander of the Sapphire Squadron

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