Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Hello, Arcano Signum. Now this is obviously a little early for a report, but a lot of changes have been happening in the battle team set-up. And with the DB site back up, it won't be long until everything's made official. So without further ado, let's begin.

Resignation of the BTL

Yes, many of you have already heard the news. I have been chosen as House Cestus's new Aedile. That of course means that not only will I no longer be Obelisk Sergeant of this team, but I also will not be a member of Gladius anymore. Therefore, I am officially stepping down from my position, making this report my last for Arcano Signum.

I may be back in Gladius one day, but I have already picked my choice to be my successor. With the approval of both the Quaestor and the Aedile, I hope to see Balia Donos, my Sith Flight leader, become the first Sith Commander of the battle team. Now obviously the changes may not be made for a while; I still have yet to be transferred and appointed Cestus Aedile and the Quaestor has yet to approve of my choice of successor. For now, we'll just sit tight and wait for everything to be finalized.

DB News

The DB site, having been down for the third time, is now back up, with Jac saying that though he's fixed some things, there may still be bugs in the database. Be sure to read his announcement on the main page so that if you see an error, you will report it to him. It's important that we don't have to go through this again.

Also, be sure to watch the GJW trailer, because it's coming up fast, in January, in fact. This is a huge event, and your participation is vital to not only your success but to our clan's as a whole.

Clan News

With the Clan Comp complete, we can all rest for a while. In the meantime, please welcome Gallor to Arcano Signum! Though he may not have technically been added to the battle team roster yet, he shall be in due time. Arias Mortensen is also a new Gladian, but I do not have his or her address. With the site being down, activity for these new members may have diminished as they have not been able to do much.


No particular accomplishments this week; that's fine. Soon this team will be under new leadership, and I am very confident that activity will increase. You don't have to win a medal to let me or your Aedile know that you've been active. You will be rewarded either way.

Want a Promotion?

Get active! Submit to House, Clan, and Brotherhood competitions; take SA courses, visit IRC, and get to know your higher-ups. If you have done any of these, let your Aedile and your Quaestor know so we can document your activity. A promotion is a hard-earned achievement, so you must work, work, work to get it.

And that's that, everyone. Time for me to take the helm of a higher position in a different House. I am very excited for this change, and I wish all the best in the strength and will of Arcano Signum. May darkness guide you all. Good luck.

-JH Ronovi Tavisaen (Obelisk)/SGT/Gladius of Tarentum

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