Aedile Report


Aedile Report

The Tyrant's Den Report

Guys it was a pleasure to serve here in Qel-Droma, it has been 3 months and a half. I must say I loved this time, even though I was not here sometimes because of several reasons but I did the job, ost of the time :P. Well guys you know u can find me gaming, now I am back to school and I already have all my work done :). So see ya saturday in ICTE and sunday just chilling. I wish you the best of best and well I am not dead just in the house next door :P.

Thanks for the support and Legz teach this guys :P.

Vorion keep Legz behind the red line.

The future AED you better continue with my comp.

About that the comp is going to end at the end of the month as the site was down, yes that also means I will judge it for one last time. - (Well boys and girls its time for another bi-monthly challenge. This time we are going to (let me think while watching Robin Hood, really good show by the way) we are going to type something for me :). You have to type a story of how ur character gets trapped on a desolated planet with his ship wrecked and a band of wild wookiees. (To make it more interesting your lightsaber is gonna be broken and u are not stronger than 5 wookiees (without the force), that is a rule :P) Max two pages font 10 or 12 roma, arial or calibri. - I have only received one submission.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood News:

Take that Injectorman!

Family Census

Star Wars News:

So freaking soon!!!!!

Awards & Promotions:

Tyren Atema:

Sapphire Balde Awarded x 1


Cluster of Fire Awarded x 16

Pendant of Blood Awarded x 1


Cluster of Fire Awarded x 58


Cluster of Fire Awarded x 2


E-mail changed to = [Log in to view e-mail addresses]


He went LoA and came back to Non-LoA :P.


Dark Sage - Congrats.


Promoted to Novice

Tirano Yamayura:

Cluster of Fire Awarded x 60

Crescent with Ruby Star Awarded x 1 - O Yeah baby I am a ROCK STAR Baby. O sorry an All Star!!

Welcoming Committee:

Welcome everybody if you have any questions just ask and if you have any suggestions or comments we are open to see new things done and any critiques are also welcome.

Dorrick Kjar:

Dorrick Kjar welcome to the brotherhood, I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me or Mal or anybody, the people here are very nice, if they are not tell me and they will be :P.


The Bi-Monthly Qel-Droma Challenge

Arcona Trivia Mk. IV

Gaming Nights

T:SWG Star Wars trivia

Background Checks

CoJ-SA Course race to 50!

And the NEW ACC Logo is...

This is very sketchy but well do comps!!!!

Extra Notes:

Congrats Sashar, thanks Mejas and we gonna kick it boys! Arcona is gonna win this GJW!!

The Tyrant's Den Closing Thoughts:

Well guys it was a pleasure to serve for you in Qel-Droma but now I must say by to Qel-Droma. Why? To help Arcona to become the greatest clan, I am moving to Galeres so you will still see me around. - You will never get rid of me! :P.

Former AED DJK Tirano Yamayura for the House of Qel-Droma, servant of Clan Arcona

AED DJK Tirano Yamayura for the House of Galeres, servant of Clan Arcona - Lord of the Tyrant's Den.

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