Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Greetings Night Hawks,

First off I want to thank those who responded to my email this week and reported in. I am glad that everyone is ready to get moving with things. Things are still cooking but with the current Feud going on and everyone’s busy schedule in general it’s a slower process than I would like. No worries things are falling into place nicely regardless.

Things I wish to focus on are mainly the function of the battle team. I want us to have a purpose within our house and the clan that extends past the simple fictional side. I would like for the Night Hawks to be something every member is proud of. My goal then is to get everyone involved with something. I want to see functional things and not just fluff. I will be looking for people who would like to help in things such as the following;

1.Solidifying and/or rebuilding the fiction behind the Night Hawks

2.Recruitment ideas

3.Improving the overall image of the Battleteam and the House.

4.Other insane ideas that might boost interest or activity.

At this time I would like to extend an invitation to those in the House who have not been placed on a battle team to come and join us. Zaroth and I have a few ideas cooking and I plan on spending a lot of time on them this weekend to help get the Night Hawks back to their legendary status within the clan. I would like everyone to be a part of it. I will not make claims of being elite, nor will I give the Night Hawks some unwarranted prestige. I will simply say that in the Night Hawks I will aim for three things.

1.Activity and Enjoyment


3.Integrity and Team Unity

Whatever happens after that will just be icing on the cake. So if you are interested in rebuilding a battleteam with a long history of success aimed towards the enjoyment of its members then let me know and please come join us.


The House Feud is going strong and HMR is currently in the lead. I encourage everyone to participate as much as possible. Remember just by entering an event you earn points towards our victory. Though no specifics have been named, it has been said that those who show great activity will be rewarded appropriately. So help the team, help the House, and help yourself. You really can’t lose.

The Feud Website can be found here:


GRD Kalei Basai is awarded a Topaz Crescent x2

DJK Zaxen Dauketrenal is awarded a Sapphire Crescent x1 and an Emerald Crescent x2


Ashura Isradia has stepped down as Proconsul and joins us. Be sure to welcome him back to the House.


The DB website was down and is now back up again. Though it looks like the attacks are being well contained it would not hurt to run anti virus and anti spyware programs.

For you gamers, the Grand Master’s Royal Guard is being reinstated. So if you think you got the gaming goods keep on the look out for this. Also Angelo Dante the Gaming Tribune is looking into expanding the DB into consol gaming and is looking for assistants. I know many of you are into consoles so shoot him an email or IRC message. He can be reached at the following email : [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

That is it for now. Please feel free to contact me on either IRC or email at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Fight Hard Nighthawks.

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