Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Dark Greetings, House Cestus! This is Aedile Ronovi Tavisaen reporting for duty!

DB News

As we all know, there was a fourth (and hopefully final for now) site outage. Whether or not it was caused by a member obviously remains confidential in the Dark Council, but let's hope that the site will have few to no problems from now on.

Also, many of you have heard the news concerning the EH and the removal of Astatine from the Grand Admiral position. We all know the DB's history with the EH, and it seems that perhaps we can start again on good terms. Though I never was a member of the EH, I heard a lot of stories about it, so we'll see how its new leadership goes down from afar.

House News

The votes are in for the current Cestus run-on, though the votes were few. It appears that the majority have claimed, "Discard," so as of now, Kazarelth and I have officially shut the run-on down. We're working extensively on a competition that may expand to the entire clan, though we're not sure how it will work. If any of you have suggestions for a simple competition that we could do for now, please reply to this report or e-mail me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Also, the first Webgame comp has officially closed. And the winner? Me, earning a Crescent with an Emerald Star. The other participant? ...A member from Clan Plagueis. Yes, Cestus, because there was no listed unit for the competition, a person from another clan was the only other person besides me who participated in this competition. Now, obviously I know some of you are much higher in rank and couldn't care less about playing a game for a Crescent with a Quartz Star, but my question is...why not? Every medal counts and looks good on one's record, not to mention that it takes, at the most, five minutes to play the game and send Kaz a screenshot of your score. Besides, the fact that a member from another clan was more willing to participate in this comp than you guys were is a little depressing in my view.

The next Webgame competition is still going on:,%20Queue_Comp.EndDate&sort=desc&ID=3786. Just a simple game you can play for a guaranteed medal. And since the URL is not in the competition details, here it is:

House Arrivals and Returns

Let's welcome our newest Cestian, Orion the Dark! I hope that he will continue to strive in the Brotherhood and become a valuable member of the House.

Also, let's welcome back GRD Vai Azexel to House Cestus after a Leave of Absence! We're very happy to have him back.


GRD Vai Azexel passed the HTML Basics exam! Well done!

JH Ronovi Tavisaen earned a Crescent with an Emerald Star for the "Cestus: Webgame!" competition! Yay, me! :P

Walord Welshman Corsair Erinos Tarentae is the winner of the most recent Clan trivia round! Huzzah!

Final Thoughts

I don't have much to say other than I'm looking forward to this new RO set-up and really honestly wish for more of you to be active. I know many of you have RL duties and obligations, including jobs, family, and other tasks. But should you have the free time, you should still continue to be an active member of Cestus. Take the time to visit IRC to relax and chat, take some time to partake in a competition, or just do some writing! If you find our competitions to be boring or unfulfilling, e-mail us with your ideas. Kaz and I may have several tasks in store for Cestus members, including ways to recruit more members to Cestus.

Until next time, have a good week. And may darkness guide you all.

-JH Ronovi Tavisaen/AED/Cestus of Tarentum

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