Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report


Welcome to my first report as House Ludo Kressh Roll Master. To make introductions fast, I am Aticus Xyler (Destavol), a member of Clan Naga Sadow and House Ludo Kressh. I'm proud to be serving as your new Roll Master and hope that the time I spend here will bring great aid and progress to our House and Clan.

Jade's Serpents Tetrarch Is...

A big congratulations goes out to Dark Jedi Knight Fenris Holder on his appointment to Commander of the infamous Jade Serpents of House Ludo Kressh. From seeing Fenris in action I am sure the team will have a bright future under way, so when you see the guy shoot him a congratulations or something. :-)

Paladins of Kressh Closes Temporarily

Despite my hopes of making the first elite gaming team in CNS, my efforts have ended up very short gained. By decision of the summits, the team has been closed due to lack of interest in a gaming only team, and to better focus on our older teams. A special thanks goes out to my former right hand Horus Blackheart on his efforts to help get the team started. Hopefully in the near future the Paladins of Kressh will reopen. :-)

The Force Unleashed has been Unleashed!!!

For those of you who have no brain what so ever, The Force Unleashed has released and is definitely a most play. Demo is free to play on the PS3 and XBox Live networks, and possibly PC I am not sure. The full version of the game is way better than the demo however, so don't base your decisions on the demo.

The Fued Chapter 3 - Clan Civil War

The Clan Fued between Houses Marka Ragnos and Ludo Kressh for the title of First House of Clan Naga Sadow continues and moves into Chapter 3. HLK, the time is flying by and we need participation!! There are several events to choose from, and many rewards in store for those that participate. Waste no time guys this is a historic event for our clan believe it or not, and I rather enjoy the idea of keeping our title as First House of Clan Naga Sadow. All fued information can be found at

Masters and Students Listen Up!!

Okay as RM I am tasked with managing our M/S Program for HLK. Here is the clans current listing of Masters and Students. If any of this information is incorrect either myself or Jades Atema, the HMR RM - needs to be informed ASAP so that we can update this information. Also I am going to be working on a project called "Clan Heritage" to give our Masters and Students a bit more light than what is currently on it. More details on this to come. :-)

Master-Student Pairings

Master Student(s)

DJM Astronicus Aurelius Sadow Mordaki

KE Ashia Kagan Keibatsu VanWyck

DJM Shan Long Nero Pennant

SWL Macron bane kaan

SBM Shikyo Ekeia Iclo, Tritherus

DP Muz Keibatsu Sadow Zaroth Kalikrayye

SW Faeril Munlear Kairus

SBM Derev Niroth Darkfire

KP Jades "Imperial" Atema Teu

KAP Mitsuhide Akechi Kalei Basai

KPN Shin'ichi Keibatsu Sadow Nassin Zye

SBM Ashura Isradia Joseph Skirata, TBA

SWL Robert Atema Sadow Koren Tyson

Free Masters

KE Manji

OT Kaelin Ring

KP StarLion

DJK Shuang Long

SBM Horus Blackheart

KAP Tsainetomo Keibatsu

SW Tsingtao Ming

SW Devani Maharet

OT Morrigan

KP Mal'ari'carun

SW Dismal Ryokou-Amor

This information is as listed in the DJB Wiki. (

As I stated - if anyone sees an issue with this please let me know. Also any journeymen under the rank of Dark Jedi Knight that is in HLK, and looking for a Master please inform me and I'll get you paired right away. :-)

Battle Teams NEEDING Membership!!

Looking for a way to earn that promotion or award you've been looking for? Bored currently? Got extra time and energy to burn? What better way to take care of all of this than to join a fabulous House Ludo Kressh Battle Team. Our teams are guided by only the most qualified candidates, and are filled with members looking to better be active and help out the house, just like YOU!!! All Battle Teams are granted only the best in activities, awards and promotions - and are seen as our future leaders for tomorrow. So if you are ready to take a big step in your career, and make a difference here in our house. JOIN A HLK BATTLE TEAM TODAY!!!

Roll Master's Thoughts

Well I'm glad to finally be back on a summit. Its what I've done almost my entire career in the DJB - and to be honest one of the few things I feel I'm reasonably good at. I hope to transform this house and clan into not one of, but THE greatest in the Brotherhood. But we all take small steps to get towards giant leaps. If there is anyway I can help out with the clan, or if there are things I'm doing that someone sees can be improved upon - I beg for criticism, but for those of you that are asses - dont expect me to be nice in response. :-P

I hope we win this feud, but all I can ask for is our best. If you guys feel like our house deserves to be the 1st house of Sadow - than participate in this feud and help us ensure victory. If there are any questions about the report or anything related to the RM duties - just let me know and I'll answer them quickly. Well that does it for this report. <3

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