Master At Arms Report


Master At Arms Report

Welcome to another MAA report – pwnage shall ensue!


The Family and Clan Name Census is at an end. The results are as follows in alphabetical order:

Atema (Needs DA+ and 10 pages for Official) - 4

6463 - Tyren Atema

164 - Jades "Imperial" Atema

8396 - Xathia Atema

3944 - Robert Atema Sadow (*)

Cantor (Official) - 7

759 - Gryffon De'Urtha Cantor

7432 - Kate Cantor Flyer

83 - Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor (*)

332 - Telaris "Mav" Taldrya Cantor

111 - William Flechette Taldrya Cantor

109 - Kir Taldrya Katarn

6 - Jac Cotelin

d’Tana (Needs 10 pages for Official – ADMINISTRATIVE PROBATION) - 10

7085 - Adien Corsair d'Tana

155 - Alex d'Tana

6402 - Debric Santhe d'Tana

8075 - Etah d'Tana

180 - Koskian 'Psyko' d'Tana

5842 - Lucius von Straumpobolopolis d'Tana

8431 - Orv Dessrx d'Tana

3612 - Phoenix d'Tana Palpatine

8154 - Rho Ozrei d'Tana

8664 - Tritus d'Tana

Dupar (Needs DA+ and 10 pages for Official) - 3

6174 – Galaphile Dupar

7788 - Jaden Kyrath Dupar

5580 - Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar (*)

Erinos (Needs DA+ and 10 pages for Official) - 8

7299 - Xayun Erinos (*)

7378 - Kieran Kodiak Erinos

8571 - Juda Kodiak Erinos

7463 - Zandro Savric Erinos

6684 - Malidir Trepidus Erinos Arconae

5949 - Archean Erinos Tarentae

3206 - Welshman Corsair Erinos Tarentae

6109 - Celahir Erinos

Isradia (Needs 10 pages for Official) - 4

289 - Jonaleth Isradia (*)

4782 - Ashura Isradia

3558 - Cipher K'oranian Isradia

3463 - Ethran Isradia

Kaeth (Needs 10 pages for Official) - 7

4792 – Lucien Kaeth

8743 – Yzarc Rellik Kaeth

6677 – Syphoc Rilkel Kaeth

4601 – Dakari Kaeth

7370 – Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven

3704 – Xan Phraz-Etar Kaeth

4520 – Braecen Kaeth Kunar (*)

Keibatsu (Official) - 8

3714 - Muz Keibatsu Sadow (*)

3415 - Nekura Manji Keibatsu

160 - Shin'ichi Keibatsu Sadow

6059 - Shikyo Keibatsu

4032 - Sanjuro Keibatsu

3530 - Shimura Xhedias Keibatsu

6353 - Ashia Kagan Keibatsu

7925 - Sai Na'Ashar Keibatsu

Long (Needs 10 pages for Official) - 5

176 - Shan Long (*)

6381 - Zhang Long

756 - Gui Long

194 - Xia Long

5055 - Shuang Long

If you are listed as unofficial, you need to fulfill the requirements I have put in parenthesis next to your name before you are official. All unofficial families may not recruit any new members and will not receive any special benefits that the Herald may choose to bestow upon them. The d’Tana family failed to respond within the time I allowed but reported shortly thereafter. They are unofficial regardless but as a special ‘bonus’ for their tardiness, I have placed them on administrative probation. Because I cannot prevent them from getting more members (they have the max), I have decided that instead I will simply make fun of them in future reports as punishment. I think this is fair in an unfair-Kaekey way

If your family is not listed above, it doesn’t exist. If you previously had a family and it is not listed above, I have dissolved it because you failed to respond. Tough. Pay attention next time. Your family names have been removed. Note that if you want to reform your family, you can; but you must be in compliance with the family regulations before I will allow that.

If you share a name with someone (just two of you) and haven’t sent me an email informing me of this, please do so ASAP. I’m looking at you, Derev.

The Clan Name Census is also complete and I will be updating the wiki with both that information and the Family Census information at some point later this week (hopefully tomorrow). I haven’t performed any administrative pruning of the Clan Names yet but I may if I find that some people have Clan Names who aren’t supposed to. Hopefully this is not the case.

Thank you to all of those that did respond – even Kosk. I don’t feel like I was asking very much of you and most of you were happy to comply with the rules and that makes me a happy panda. Gold star to all of you.

Policy Updates and Clarifications

Just a few minor notes here.

A few former members from the Emperor’s Hammer have requested their dossiers be restored since the events of last week. Just to make it clear, the established policy is that these dossiers can only be restored to the way they were on the date of the split. No EHDB ranks or medals are transferable to the DB except for those that were obtained prior to the split. This is mainly because ranks and medals conferred in the EHDB are not conferred in the same way that we confer them: they are not equivalent. If you need me to restore your dossier, just give me a copy of your dossier as it was on the day of the split (I can look in our records for you) and I am happy to restore it.

Also, I’d like to remind all Clan and House leadership to email both myself and Sklib when you request things. A lot of people have only been emailing me. Usually this is sufficient: either one of us can get to things within a few hours. But sometimes Sklib might be online when I’m in class or something and he can take care of something for you more quickly than I can. Please don’t forget to cc him on requests sent to me. Thanks.


Updated Family Census: Complete!

Super AWOL Check: Will be done after the new CSes are implemented. They are currently in beta testing.

Das Uber Policy Revisions: Be ready for this Consuls…it’s coming sooooon :P


None because I’m way too busy for them


Importantly, I am elevating Tarax to Arbiter Magistrate. This means that he has the access to see all the recommendations and requests in the database. He does not have any authority to process anything yet but will in the future. Sklib continues to be Sklibbish.

Other Stuff?

Chaos was appointed Taldryan Consul and thus Clan Taldryan was renamed Clan Faildryan. Terrifying. You know what’s even more terrifying? Even with a Consul who fails, Taldryan will still probably win the GJW.

Closing Remarks/Rant

Alright…I’ve got a few things to say this time…

First of all, I know some of the families I’ve dissolved are going to bitch about me to Sarin and/or Muz. You know what I have to say to that? Shut it. I gave you close to 2 months to respond to me. All I asked for was a roster of your family and history if you happened to have it. That takes no more than 5 minutes to do. I realize the site was periodically down but I always extended the deadline. If you can’t take responsibility for your business then I have no sympathy for you. I should make it impossible for you to get your family back. But I won’t. If you really want to you can reform your family; but make sure you meet the standards.

I’m really tired of family nonsense so don’t push me on this stuff. Don’t try to circumvent the rules because you find a ‘loophole.’ I’ll catch you at some point and dissolve your family with prejudice. There are no loopholes that I can’t close retroactively. So don’t mess.

On an unrelated topic, I don’t particularly care about extra-legal Clan institutions. I simply do not recognize their authority. If your Clan has some kind of assembly/advisory body/Silly Little Conclave/group of people with family names who are inactive but think they hold power/consortium that’s your business. I will always do my best not to interfere with internal Clan policies and if you want to play politics with your leaders, feel free to do so without fear of my intervention (unless you piss me off). I personally think that this sort of thing is pathetic and lame but hey – run your Clan (into the ground) the way you want to. The Clan leadership (Consul and Proconsul) are the only two individuals with authority to speak on behalf of the Clan in my world. So deal with it.

On a lighter note, most all of the recommendations and requests I have been receiving lately have been very well done. I’ve had to remand or deny very few of them. That’s great. Props to the entire DB for that.

Ask Kaek

I received an interesting email this week. Here it is:

_Dear Kaek,

Recently I've been seeing a lot of moronic n00bcakes using the title "Emeritus" for everything from Rollmaster of their House to Toilet Seat Warmer of their Battleteam's loo. Is there an official MAA policy on this? Can you do something about it? It’s a little absurd,


-S.L. Oracle Emeritus, Consul Emeritus, Praetor to the KHP Emeritus, Praetor to the DGM Emeritus, Magistrate to the MAA, HM, KHP, and OHC Emeritus, Knight Commander Emeitus, Proconsul Emeritus, Quaestor Emeritus, Aedile Emeritus, Tetrarch Emeritus.

PS: Icing on the Kaek_

I felt obliged to respond just as I feel obliged to respond to every question! Here is my response:

_Dear S.L.,

I’ve seen much of the same thing. Unfortunately, there is no official MAA policy on this and there probably won’t be in the near future. I wish I could do something about it because I think it’s rather childish as well. If you do a job well, people know what positions you’ve held: Jac doesn’t sign “Grand Master Emeritus” at the end of his name. I wish people would keep the resumes hidden for when they apply for something instead of prancing around as if being the Emeriti leader of their Battleteam is all-important. But unfortunately, it’s their right to have these sorts of things in their signatures: just as it is our right to make fun of them for it.

Hope this helps,

-Syn Kaek, Master At Arms, Master At Arms Emeritus (pre-Halc), Consul Emeritus, Proconsul Emeritus, Praetor to the Master At Arms Emeritus, Praetor to the Oracle Emeritus, Praetor to the Seneschal, Magistrate to the Master At Arms Emeritus, Magistrate to the Oracle Emeritus, Magistrate to the Sith High Warrior Emeritus, Gaming Staff Emeritus, Dark Voice Staff Emeritus, Magistrate to the Obelish High Commander Emeritus, Quaestor Emeritus, Aedile Emeritus, Rollmaster Emeritus, Sith Commander Emeritus, Sith Flight Leader Emeritus, Battleteam Leader Emeritus, Executive Director of Emperor’s Hammer Intelligence Emeritus, Census Director of Emperor’s Hammer Intelligence Emeritus, Tactics and Training Director of Emperor’s Hammer Intelligence Emeritus, Bureau Director Emeritus, Branch Leader Emeritus, Tie Corps Commander Emeritus, Command Attaché Emeritus, etc. Emeritus_

Until next time…

Dark Side Adept Syn Kaek

Master At Arms

DA Syn Kaek (Sith)/MAA/Dark Council [ACC: JUD]



lol Tarax. The only thing funnier than you right now is HSK's sorry excuse for a Quaestor.

Let them eat, Kaek. They're starving.

Hah. That's funny.

Cus you're the QUA.


wtf??? Tarax has access??????


someone wanna adopt a sexy DJK, who is very active? :P like seriously.

Love the report

Wow Kaek. That made me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Maybe that was something else... Who knows? Either way, Tally amuzes me once again.

<3 Kaek

Actually, I do have "Grand Master Emeritus" in my gmail signature...

Just for the record: when the Emeritus thing started in the 90's, it was reserved for GMs. I think it was just before the split that everthing started exploding emeriti.

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Its too late tirano, I already paid for you. You're mine. All mine. Forever.

I like chocolate Kaek.

Woo! Way to go Tarax on your elevation mate!
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That report nearly had too much Kaeky goodness, you keep flirting with the line like that and I'll be forced to make a trip to Indiana.

Kaek Pwnage! Almost as awesome as Jac Pwnage , just not quite, yet! There is still time! Nice way of rubbing people's noses into the ground at overuse of "emeritus".

Nice to work with you and Sklib, cause you guys get it done fast and smooth. No complaints and naught but praise from CSP!

PS: Shouldn't you get a medal for writing a report full of absolute pwnage?

If I were the new Goat, everything above would have to be mostly devoid of meaningful content :P

Go Jac! ;)

I do not recall who said it first... but Kaek is officially the new Goat

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