Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

        QUA Report Extraordinaire


_Alaris had many times before stood before the Throne of Plagueis in the Dark Tower on Kapsina, so being there again was nothing new to him. This time, however, there was a different air about the room. The Consul and Supreme Commander of all Plagueis Forces, Braecen Kaeth Kunar, was seated in the Throne overlooking the room. Yzarc Rellik Kaeth stood to his right and down in front of him slightly, with a smile as he looked upon the fellow Templar. The silence was suddenly broken by a booming voice.

"Once in a while," he began, "I am given the great honour of promoting an indivdiual in the great Ascendant Clan. Today, however, is different. Today, I am given the even greater honour of appointing an individual to the command of a House." A rare smile crossed his lips. "Templar Alaris Jinn, I hearby appoint you to Quaestor of the House Satal Keto. May the Krath Lord and the Great Lord Plagueis guide you in your leadership."_

Brothers and Sisters of Satal Keto

Tada! A report! Been a while? Yes. It has. I've been busy though. With stuff for you and stuff for me. Stuff for me including school and this wonderful new game that we're all talking about. Something about keeping the Force on a Leash or something like that. Anyway, that game truly rocks the muthafatha Kasbah and so does Callus's review on it on the Main Page. Check it out, yo. In addition, I've also picked up a copy of Allegiance, by Timothy Zahn, and the new Coruscant Night book, by Michael Reaves. Haven't started the latter yet, but Zhan continues to amaze me. Anyway, on with the Report!


Alaris likes Shinies. So should you!

Sinari Vao received two Clusters of Fire
Anubis Annedu received two Clusters of Fire
Gaius Julius Caeser received a Cluster of Fire, a Crescent /w Sapphire Star and a Crescent /w Amythest Star
Ashron received a Scroll of Foundation
Callus Bo'Amar received a Dark Side Scroll

Congrats, everyone!

Shadow Academy

Reven J.r completed the Clan Plagueis History Course with 96%


Where do we go from here? We've entered into a new era here in House Satal Keto. We've got some familiar faces returning to us as well as some new ones. As you may have expected, I will be needing an Aedile soon, so keep your eyes peeled for the release of the application requests. Also know, I AM attending classes at school, so if you are going to apply please be available and online often as you will be representing me while I'm not here.

One more thing, I am going to, once again, accept the first two people to challenge me to a battle in the ACC. It can be of the length of your own choosing, but be warned, I kick ass now.

Darkness Guide You.

In Service,

OT Alaris Jinn (Obelisk)/QUA-Wiki/Satal Keto of Plagueis

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