Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Ancillary Training Facilities,

House Acclivis Draco Headquarters,

Heimdall Mountain Range, Li Gandor Continent,

Antenora, Cocytus System,

Dark Brotherhood Territories

She was sweating again, huffing and puffing, the exertion visible on her face. She just had one thought running through her mind, one that lately had been running more and more often, “I’m going to kill Timbal for this!”

Her Falleen opponent merely smiled kindly, or so it seemed. For those that had faced him in combat, he knew that the smile merely infuriated many, as it seemed to goad them into action.

In this case, it also succeeded like so many other times. The flash of anger and the pulling of power from the Force was easily felt, and he was surprised at the Guardian’s fury. He was no Soresu master, and found it hard to keep up with the Guardian’s attacks. She wasn’t strong, but she was quick and agile, and quite a bit faster than him.

Her technique, though, needed work. She was only using the basic training form, more meant for her to get used to the intricacies of learning lightsabre combat. Thus, this is where he came in.

He husbanded his greater strength, his keen control of his blade in blocking and feinting, and his knowledge of the limitations of the basic training form led him to set up his trap.

She came at him from his flank, clearly attempting to cut his down to about halfway down his shoulder, but the Dark Jedi Knight was waiting for this. He fueled his counter stroke with the Force, batting the blade to the side. He used the momentum of the strike to twirl around, and with one precise swipe, he cut the Guardian’s tricep. Her own counter faltered with the sudden pain, which he used to batter her blade aside yet again with his own, then bringing his elbow in to catch her under her chin, knocking her flat on the floor, her lightsabre spinning out of her hand, deactivating as it did so.

The Knight stood there, the same smile on his face, which infuriated the Guardian. She was thinking about counter attacking, lack of a lightsabre notwithstanding, when the voice of her Master and ultimately her tormentor cut in, “Very nice work, Kalak. Asani, what have you learned in this match?”

It took a few moments for her to get control of her emotions again, unknowingly broadcasting her feelings in the Force like a nova. “I’m not sure, Master.”

Timbal sighed, and merely motioned for the Knight to explain.

“The answer, young one, lies in your passion. You have ample anger, and I know that you would have been able to give me serious problems even if you didn’t have your lightsabre, but it also blinds you to what is possible. Know your limitations, and you shall be invincible.” To Timbal he nodded and added, “She will be an excellent addition to the Clan once she gets up to speed. With your leave?”

Timbal nodded, and the darkness of the night swallowed the Knight after a short time.

Timbal helped his Student get up, and gave her a bacta patch for her arm. He didn’t have to order her to go to the medical droids for further treatment, as she finally had learned that lesson. That, of course, didn’t mean she was not fuming over the whole thing. Timbal sighed, the hard work of a Master underappreciated.

“So, what do you really think?” Timbal asked to the darkness.

From a shadow appeared his Rollmaster. “It’s just as I mentioned. Once she gets up to speed, she’ll be formidable. Too bad she’s not with Acclivis Draco, she would make a formidable ally.”

Timbal said softly, “She is, Kalak, she is.”

With that, he turned. “Come, Kalak. Apparently Phoenix would like to hear my report sometime this month….


Greetings, brothers and sisters of HAD!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the little fiction that I put together. I’ve always thought that fictionally all Knights and the above ranks would be pressed into service to help teach the up and coming Dark Jedi, and thought it was interesting to explore that aspect. I hope I did Kalak justice, he’s been the man! That said, here we go!

Things to Cover (Clan / House Stuffs):

  • Competitions: We have the Dark Tides competition going on, currently in its’ final week. GET THOSE SUBMISSIONS IN! I’ve been pretty disappointed in the turnout from HAD recently. Here's a link if you have happened to lose it:


  • Get ready for the next GJW! I’m going to beat this one every report until it finally happens. ;)

  • CSP Shadow Academy Course: In it’s final draft stages now, it needs some tweaking to conform to the future plans of the Clan Summit. Further details as they’re released!

  • Royal Gazette: Should be released within mere days, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

  • Welcome! A shout out to Karean and thesuperiorninja for joining the House. If you see them on IRC, give ‘em a big welcome. Karean has already moved from Apprentice to Novice, so excellent work!

Random Other Things:

  • Still debating about getting TFU. Something inside me recoils at the thought of spending $60 on a mediocre game… =(

Real Life Stuff:

More random stuff going on in my life!

  • Work: Lots of training to do this week, so I’ll be a bit more productive at work than my norm. =P

  • Timbal building his own Lego Stormtrooper army! I promised details, here they are!

Timbal briefing the troops on the ISD II Warspite:


Timbal briefing them some more:


Timbal telling them to not screw up:



  • BOO to the DirecTV for not showing all the NY Giants games! =(

Well, that's about it, peeps. Until next time!

KE Timbal

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