Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

29 September 2008

Headmaster Report #16

Clone Wars premieres this Friday from 9-10 PM EST, Cartoon Network, with two episodes in a row. From a clip I saw and descriptions, it looks like we'll get to see some Yoda action from the get-go, so I'm pretty excited, though I am Tivo'ing it. This info is for the U.S. airing, check your local listings if you are outside the states.

I also downloaded a Force Unleashed app for the iPhone, and it was very cool. Basically, you trace certain lines with your finger to activate force powers, killing bad guys and Jedi and the like. It is shortened from the actual game, obviously, but still fun to play.

Not much is going on around the Shadow Academy, since some coding glitches are still holding us back. The main point of this report is to talk about the SA audits. Just the usual stuff besides that. This report was actually going to be released earlier, but then Sarin released his report, and I just felt lame posting mine over his.

Oh, congrats on Kaek for his DJM goodness!



--For the most part, the SA Audit edits have now been coded and finalized. Most of the courses just received minor grammar edits in the notes and exam, but there were a few that received bigger treatments, which I listed below. Also listed below are the courses that have not been edited, because they are going to be revamped in the near future.

  • DB Basics - to be revamped and updated

  • ACC Initiates - to be revamped and updated

  • Wiki Basics - to be revamped and updated

  • Capital Starship Studies - added Superweapons section, very cool

  • HotSE I/III - added images

  • Weapons Basics - added images

  • Plagueis History - Council of the Wise section removed

  • Photoshop/Leadership Applications - possible revamp/reuse (we'll see)

--Due to the same coding glitch that is keeping us from finishing the exam audits, our new course is still in the holding pen, screaming to be released. Be patient, though, it'll come. Jac and his coding staff are really busy with safeguarding against website attacks and character sheets, both of which are more important than a new SA course.



--The usual courses, degrees, etc. Wiki pages and Dark Vault are being finished up by Magistrate Taigikori, while Kalak works on fictional updates and SA IRC Trivia, which we hope to turn into a weekly thing. Dacien is doing his usual greatness, most of it is just caught up in passing college right now, heh.


Featured Course of the Report

All of them, until the new one is released. Capital Starship Studies is really cool now, though long, which we are looking into. I also really like Astronomy and Pre-Republic History, but they're all good.


Important Links

--SA Website

--SA Degree Requirements

--SA Forums



  • SA Audit finished!

Sith Warlord Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar

Headmaster of the Brotherhood

Capital Starship Studies is like sex in your mouth. And I like mine long, how 'bout you?

Another one bites the dust.

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