Aedile Report


Aedile Report

[The Sword's Sheath, 1130 hours, conference room 12]

An older gentleman in gray robes with red trim stood at the head of a conference room table. The men and women gathered there looked well rested and clean. Many of the seats were empty. The lights were turned all the way up and the Aedile at the head of the table took a moment to make eye contact with everyone else in the room before beginning the morning's announcements.

"Welcome, Tarenti. First, I would like to formally welcome Sith Battlelord Proton to our ranks. It seems that Grand Master Sarin himself has seen fit to restore Apprentice Bohica's former rank, and now I am free to introduce you all to Apollo and my former Commodore on the SSSD Sovereign. We have served together many years, and I spent many hellish hours in his pit of ScorpTroopers..."

The Aedile pulled a flask of scotch from a pocket within his robes and took a long drink from it. While he did this, Proton stood and walked towards the door to the conference room. He pushed the doors open to reveal a pair of hideous scorpion-like creatures in ill-fitting armor.

"...and unfortunately it seems that his new Equite status has granted him the privilege to bring a few of them with him."

"Finally, I wish to congratulate both Vulcan and Gallor. Vulcan has earned himself two promotions in record time, to the rank of Acolyte. Gallor has earned himself a promotion to the rank of Novice. Please know that promotions are not so much in recognition of past activity as they are a commitment to continued service and excellence. Your journeys do not end here; we all look forward to helping you continue your quest to become full Dark Jedi Knights, and beyond."

Scion took another sip from his flask before continuing the day's announcements.

[OOC Notes]

Time to Train Competition:

This competition ended last Friday, with SBL Proton taking 1st place and PRT Balia Donos taking 2nd. Congratulations to both of you, and thank you for taking part.

We have gained a number of new members lately, but most of them have been awfully quiet. If any of you are interested in finding a Master to help guide you, please contact me by replying to this report and I will help you find somebody. The Master/Student Program (MSP) is by far the best way to become successful in the Dark Brotherhood. There is no substitute for having an experienced person there specifically to help you be successful.


Please remember to let me know of anything you do that might count as activity. Don't worry about bothering me too much; it's my job to keep track of this stuff. Keep in mind that if you do something but you don't win any medals for it, I won't know about it unless you tell me. That includes ACC, wiki stuff, as well as submitting to competitions. Awards are tied to participation and it all still counts even if you don't win.

Activity in House Gladius for the past week has been as follows.


SBL Proton:

09/23/2008 - Participated in Time to Train comp

09/24/2008 - Old name and rank restored

09/29/2008 - Won Cr-E for 1st place in Time to Train comp

KAP Apollo:

Various QUA duties

DJK Deatharoc:

Various BTL duties

GRD Scion Altera:

Various AED duties

09/22/2008 - Aedile Report

09/27/2008 - Completed Dark Maven: Leadership SA Degree

PRT Balia Donos:

Various BTL duties

09/23/2008 - Competition Approved: Hang

09/26/2008 - Battle Team Report

09/29/2008 - Won 2nd place in Time to Train comp

ACO Vulcan:

09/23/2008 - Completed Test of Lore

09/25/2008 - Completed Dark Brotherhood Basics SA Course

09/25/2008 - Promoted to Novice

09/27/2008 - Completed IRC Basics SA Course

09/27/2008 - Completed Character History

09/28/2008 - Completed Conflict Mediation SA Course

09/28/2008 - Promoted to Acolyte

NOV Gallor:

09/25/2008 - Promoted to Novice

09/28/2008 - Completed History of the Sith Empire I SA Course


In Darkness,

Scion Altera

GRD Scion "Firebird" Altera (Sith)/AED/Gladius of Tarentum [ACC: CL:1]



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