Consul Report


Consul Report


Disciples of Plagueis,

Much has occurred in a very short span of time for our fledgling Clan. We have seen two mountains moved in the forms of Master Nurok & Master d'Tana; both have departed from the leadership team responsible for our recent resurgence. I expect each member of this Clan to look upon them and treat them with the reverence they are deserved.

Clan News

With the recent departures of both Quaestors there has been some shifting within the Clan's hierarchy. House Satal Keto is blessed with Obelisk Templar Alaris Jinn to succeed the departing Krath Pontifex Alex d'Tana. In addition, Alaris has opened the position of House Satal Keto Aedile to the entire Dark Brotherhood; if you are interested in attaining a leadership position, please do apply. Applications are to be sent to Alaris, Yzarc and myself.

Many are wondering on the state of affairs in House Exar Kun. Until the application process for HSK AED has been completed, we will be leaving Sith Battlemaster Nurok in his position. The Aedile, Ralph Vunduu, will be maintaining the status quo as the interim leader of the House. I hope to have a detailed plan of action by this coming Sunday.

Recent additions. Yes, we have seen quite a few new faces in Clan Plagueis since my tenure began, but another such 'rush' of membership has come again and our clan is blessed to receive a plethora of old and new members. I would like to thank them all for choosing our small piece of paradise... and you should too! Welcome home, Cethgus, Cern, Lucius, Ood, Starrett, Khioo, Elrik and anyone else I may have missed.

Brotherhood News

Lots of goodies on display in the Brotherhood at this current time. And a lot of information to distill from the quagmire of recent reports from Dark Councilors and Tribunes alike. Additionally, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an announcement from the Master At Arms soon. The residing Dark Council is now voting on a new standards that will help establish a stronger, long-term foundation for our new, and aspiring, members.

Grand Master Report: Grand Master Sarin reports on the state of affairs across the Brotherhood. Most importantly, though, are images of the new Character Sheets; Force Powers, Disciplines, Order Powers. Also be sure to stay current with T:F Raken's fictional updates (link on report).

Link (to report):

Deputy Grand Master Report: Dark Prophet Muz shares some new images from his massive undertaking to keep our hunger/curiosity sated. And, while one of the items looks like the book of shadows from Charmed... he does provide us some Darth Talon imagery.

Link (to report):

Head Master Report: Sith Warlord Aabsdu provides an update on the Shadow Academy course audit. A vast majority of the changes have been identified and several have been completed; however, there is still much work to be completed and he asks for our patience as he continues to make progress.

Link (to report):

Master At Arms Report: Newly minted Dark Jedi Master Kaek provides a ton of important information in his latest installment. The first section pertains to Dark Brotherhood Families, but the remainder is valuable information that each and every one of you should take to the bank. This is a MUST read.

Link (to report):

The Message

Adaptation. The ability to adapt; to make suitable to requirements or conditions - adjust or modify, fittingly.

One could say that Clan Plagueis has done a lot of adaptation over the course of its short life. And I would be inclined to agree with them. We have always been able to 'roll with the punches' or 'take it as it comes' and 'play with the cards we were dealt' as well as many other cliches that come to mind when discussing adversity. And, to be fair, the Clan has seen moments of success and moments of despair with our ability to 'adapt' to the situation at hand.

But what if adapting is not enough? What if covering the basic requirements is, simply, not enough for the leaders and members of our clan... of our family... or ourselves?

Today, I am putting it on the books. I am issuing the challenge to each of you and, most importantly, of myself... the status quo is no longer enough. I do not want to idly wait for good things to come to our Clan. I do not expect handouts for my activity, because it is the standard, and expected, of my position and experience. I do not want to be forced to look outside the halls of Clan Plagueis to fill positions of import within our chain of command. And I do not want answers to be volunteered from members outside our tight-knit family...

This is Our Clan; capital O. We own its destiny, we control its fate and we owe it the effort to build a legacy we can all be proud of. Clan Plagueis... Our Clan.


A lot has been going on in the Dark Brotherhood for the past two months. We have had tremendous upheaval with the site being in disarray, an absent Consul (due to PC issues), a three-way Clan Feud... and yet... we have continued to grow. This is a sign of overcoming, not adapting, to our situation and needs. And I applaud each and every one of you for your hard work, participation and determination to see your fellow members succeed.

Well done, Plagueis. Well done, indeed.

I am, your servant,

Braecen Kaeth

Consul of Clan Plagueis

Safeguarder of Sheep

Braecen Kaeth (Dark Side Adept) / CON-EP / Clan Plagueis

[GMRG: RG3-G] [KSoE:FE] [ACC: CE:3]

RS / AK / SB / GC-PoDP / SC-SoA / AC-RoF / DC-GP / GN-BL / SN-BL / BN-BL / Cr-3D-12R-24A-32S-15E-11T-6Q / PoB-AgL / CF-PlF / DSS-PL / SI-AuL / SoF-AgL / SoL-BE / LS-GL / S:-2R-18Al-19D-7Dk-9P


You are not what you were born, but what you have it in yourself to be...

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