Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report


Hey, I'm Cuyir Hattir, formerly known as Fenris. If you guys feel like it, call me Fenris, but during Run On's and Comps, I'd prefer to be called Cuyir.

Little explanation on the name, it means To Burn Existence in Mando'a. I was playing SWG, and someone was speaking it, and I got interested with it, so I looked up words that sounded cool in it and voila!

(No Fiction Today for my Introduction sorry)


Please be aware that I am enacting a policy that requires everyone to do at least one competition in between my two week gaps of reports. 1 Comp every 2 Weeks isn't hard, and in fact, I might be tempted to make it 2 every 2 weeks.

Design Your Own Jade Serpents Battle Armor

House Feud Stuff

For right now, it is mandatory to do 1 House Feud Competition. I don't feel the need at this moment to list everything for you, as this site does that for me

Also, 3 or so comps will be coming out every 2 weeks, meaning you all have enough Competitions to do to fulfill my requirements. Also, a Battle Team Run On will be going on every other month, this helps teach you guys how to write in Run Ons, and I will be getting Faeril, Shin'ichi, Macron, and Sai to help me teach you and teach myself.

**SA Courses

Suyo Kenshin**

History of the Sith I

History of the Sith III

Pre Republic History

Wiki Basics

ACC Initiates

Test of Wisdom

_Way to go Suyo! Love to see people taking SA Courses and trying to get Maven's. _

Closing Remarks

That's all from me. Thanks for reading! Not too bad for a first report if I do say so myself.

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