Aedile Report


Aedile Report

The Tyrant's Den Report

Mal stepped down :(. Have fun Mal. - Everybody send an email to him saying "Thank You Mal, you did a great job!"

Many applications are open as you know so apply if you feel like it and if you want to gain some leadership experience. (We wanna create leaders! So apply)

BTL Blue Mist open, QUA Galeres and those are all the positions open.

Enjoy this third edition of my reports :).

Dark Jedi Brotherhood News:

Another ACC Quickie


Seeking Aedile

Chamber of Justice taking Applications


Grand Master Report

Headmaster Report

Wiki Tribune Report

Deputy Grand Master Report

Calling all gamers!

CNS Consul: Open for Applications

TFU Competition

Justicar Report

Star Wars News:

Star Wars rules!!!

Awards & Promotions:


Awarded a Dark Cross x 1

Awarded a Cluster of Fire x 1

Resigned - We still love you Mal.


Awarded a Crescent with Amethyst Star x 1

Awarded a Cluster of Fire x 33

Androc Valabra:

Demoted to Apprentice

Under Probation for a Year

Received a letter of Reprimand. - I am sorry to hear this, however I do hope you stay in the brotherhood. I will personally help you regain your rank and advance even further in the brotherhood.

Awarded a Crescent with Topaz Star x 1


Promoted to Novice

Completed History of the Old Republic

Completed History of the Sith Empire I


Awarded a Cluster of Fire x 8

Promoted to Novice


Completed Wiki Basics


Transfer to GALERES!!!!!! - Good Example.


Transfer out of Galeres :(. - Bad Example


Transfer out of Galeres :(. - Bad Example

Name Change, he was formerly known as Lucius.


Transfer to GALERES!!!!! - Good Example

Tirano Yamayura:

Awarded a Crescent with Sapphire Star x 2

Awarded a Cluster of Fire x 29

Welcoming Committee:

Welcome everybody if you have any questions just ask and if you have any suggestions or comments we are open to see new things done and any critiques are also welcome. - Seriously we wanna hear from you.


To Kill a Jedi

Arcona Trivia Mk. IV - I have never seen this one happen

Gaming Nights

T:SWG Star Wars trivia



Betrayal and Instinct

Extra Notes:

The Training Facilty - Phase 2 - Priority I:

The Training Facility Project has began!!!

I Dark Jedi Knight Tirano Yamayura Aedile of Galeres give an official start to this project!

Eclipse and Androc will be leading this project, both as co-architects of the Galeres Training Facility. They will be incharge of giving out roles to each member who wished to participate.

What do we need?:

* Maps of the facility.  

* Images of the facility.  

* A solid fictional base for the facility.  

* An outline of how it works.  

* A description of each area and what is done.  

* A mid-size fictional story talking about an attack on the facility (standby).  

* A description of the living quarters organization.  

* The role of the leaders in the facility.  

* And anything else you can add.  

The members who will work in this project will report to Eclips and Androc, who will later report to me, who will later report to the Quaestor, Pro Consul and Consul.

The amount of work will be around 1 - 4 pages a month (prefered, but we will take as much as you can give), or 1 - 2 graphic representations a month. This should not take longer than 3 months.

The volunteers will be rewarded for their effort greatly.


AED Legorii

AED Tirano Yamayura



Wally (I know your conditions)

And anybody else who still wants to join.

The Tyrant's Den Closing Thoughts:

Hope to see as many medals and more transfer to the HOUSE next week.

Great job guys, seriously pat yourselves in the back it has been an amazing week.

AED DJK Tirano Yamayura for the House of Galeres, servant of Clan Arcona - Lord of the Tyrant's Den

Former AED of the House of Qel-Droma, Former BTL of Phoenix Phyle - First BTL of Ektrosis

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