Aedile Report


Aedile Report

[The Sword's Sheath, 1130 hours, conference room 12]

An older gentleman in gray robes with red trim stood at the head of a conference room table. He stood silently at the head of the table as the Dark Jedi of House Gladius filed into the room and took their seats. These men and women had been through a lot in recent times, and it was good to see them well fed and rested. After a few moments, the noise had subsided.

"Windos, Dox and Ocih, please stand for a moment. I would like to commend you each for your hard work recently. You have each done a great deal for Gladius in the recent past and I want you to know that it has not gone unnoticed. Thank you, and keep up the good work!"

Scion took a sip of water from his glass before continuing the day's announcements.


Using the image posted at this URL:

1) Earn one point for correctly decrypting the message.

2) Earn one point for correctly creating your own message using the same encryption scheme.

3) Earn one point if you can correctly tell where the decrypted message came from.

The person with the most points wins. In case of a tie, the person who submitted first wins. The top three get fourth level crescents!

Please send your submissions to me on or before November 2nd. I'll submit the medal recs and announce the winner in next week's report.

[OOC Notes]

I am looking for fights in the ACC. Challenge me for fun and profit! If you need help qualifying, I'm happy to proofread your writing and help get you ready for it.

If any Journeymen are interested in finding a Master to help guide you, please contact me by replying to this report and I will help you find somebody. The Master/Student Program (MSP) is by far the best way to become successful in the Dark Brotherhood. There is no substitute for having an experienced person there specifically to help you be successful.

It works the other way around, too. If you are eligible to be a Master and you're looking for a student, please let me know and I'll see if I can find you one.


Please remember to let me know of anything you do that might count as activity. Don't worry about bothering me too much; it's my job to keep track of this stuff. Keep in mind that if you do something but you don't win any medals for it, I won't know about it unless you tell me. That includes ACC, wiki stuff, as well as submitting to competitions. Awards are tied to participation and it all still counts even if you don't win.

Activity in House Gladius for the past week has been as follows.


KAP Apollo:

Various QUA duties

KAP Windos Helkin Tarentae:

10/27/2008 - Participated in Unredeemable competition

OP Dox Romanae:

10/23/2008 - Won 4 CoFs for participating in ICTE on 10/18

10/25/2008 - Won 25 CoFs for participating in ICTE on 10/12

10/25/2008 - Won Pendant of Blood for best win/loss record in gaming nights between 10/12 and 10/24

JH Ocih Weogi:

10/23/2008 - Won Cr-R for 1st place in ICTE on 10/18

10/23/2008 - Won 20 CoFs for participating in ICTE on 10/18

JH Scion Altera:

Various AED duties

10/20/2008 - Aedile Report

10/21/2008 - Bi-Weekly Report

10/22/2008 - Competition Approved: Cryptogram

GRD Balia Donos:

Various BTL duties

10/20/2008 - Awarded a Dark Cross


In Darkness,

Scion Altera

JH Scion "Firebird" Altera (Sith)/AED/Gladius of Tarentum [ACC: CL:1]



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