Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

-=Latest Happenings=-

-As mentioned in other reports, Jac has been fiddling around with the SQL scrubber, I don't know how much this affects most members, but at least it'll make it easier for me to post my reports to Yay.

-The Ektrosis Cup is over, and Lokasena is the winner! Congratulations!

-Last day to send your submissions in for the Tallys is today. Write something funny, send it in, get shinies.


-I got Crescents from the Ektrosis Cup: two Topaz Stars, two Quartz Stars and one Emerald Star. I'd like to note that some of my award e-mails said "downgraded due to lack of participation". I wasn't CCed on any submissions to the Ektrosis Cup, and I'd like to assume that was because the MB threads didn't tell you guys to do so. However, a lack of participation in anything is worrying, especially two months before the GJW. I know school and work are getting busier at this time of year, but any little bits of activity are helpful.


-gfx+Ekky members=Happy AED -

-AED’s Challenge -

-Sklib's trivia and caption competitions. The latter can be found on the Ektrosis MBs, and I believe the former can as well.

-Unredeemable - Run by the Fiction Tribune, Raken.

-=Closing Thoughts=-

Members of Phoenix who are active, please CC me on stuff. My e-mail address is [Log in to view e-mail addresses] if you don't already have it. Your e-mails don't have to be blow-by-blow transcriptions, just give me a general idea of what you've been doing. I DO track this stuff, and as a BTL it's my responsibility to do your promotion requests. So, if you have been active and want to get recognition for it, make sure to tell me!

Also, welcome back, Vardar.


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