Deputy Grand Master Report


Deputy Grand Master Report


haha, thought you'd get away for another month, didn't you. :P<p>

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So this is going to be a brief report about the projects that we are working on, and so on.<p>

•Artifact Replacement - No, we haven't forgotten about it. (a couple of people have asked) I'm still developing a nice batch of stuff for the clans to go through and trade in their weak Lord of the Rings plastic playset goodies for cool Star Warsy Force Artifacts. This is one of the next things that will get released, I'm betting. <p>

•Great Jedi War - We're getting the chance to get stuff done for this war that we never had the ability, manpower or infrastructure to do for the ones in years past. Your face will be melted. That is all.<p>

•Headshot Generator - Speaking of faces... This tool will work much in the same way as the current lightsaber and robes selectors. To address several questions about the selector: Yes, it will have many races represented. Yes, there will be a ridiculous number of options. Yes, the infrastructure will be there for custom. No, we have not decided what rank you'd need to be to take advantage of that. No, you can't be in the beta (yet). No, I'm not saying when this will launch.<p>

•New Character Sheets - Jac has a bunch of bug reports from the beta testers and there's a fair bit of other stuff he's working through to make sure we're locked down as regards the SQL injectors. Jac is the man. Don't bug him about it, as he's doing his best, and we will get there shortly. <p>

•Order Renaissance - This will similarly melt faces. The people who were in on the Character Sheet Beta saw the infrastructure for what we have planned for the new Order stuff that will make being Krath, Sith, or Obelisk mean something more than a favorite color again. There's going to be a lot of exclusive goodies involved, and I think that people will enjoy it much. I have more and more stuff planned for the Order stuff as we go along, but there's a lot that will launch with the new character sheets as well. <p>

•Super Secret Project that a lot of people know about anyway - Still doing well. No, you can't be in the beta (yet). This will expand more of our existing options for the club, more tangible rewards, etc. It's a Good Thing©®.<p>

•Herald Style Hannukah - Watch for a report from Shikyo over the next few months for a return of this tradition I started a while back. I'm helping him get some stuff together, and that'll make more presents for all you happy campers.<p>

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I'm going to be on LoA for the next few days, as I am getting married tomorrow, and will be too busy...well, just too busy to do DB stuff until I get back. I'll check my email when I get back, but don't expect a response until sunday or monday.<p>

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Rayne asks: do you know when in January the GJW will start, early, middle, late?<p>

We haven't nailed down an exact date just yet... but we're trying to make it so that most people are back from holiday vacations yet.<p>

Alexander asks: How long does a GJW last?<p>

Past GJWs have varied in duration pretty wildly. We have found that in order to give enough of a time for people to get active and not totally bore everyone to tears with never-ending events, we try to keep it around 6 weeks long. That's what we're planning for this year, also.<p>

Trev asks: What is it about the stormtooper babes that gets you so worked up? Where you deprived of Playboy as a child? (p.s.: How can I hook up with the hot stormtrooper stud?)<p>

Actually, no. But I think that everyone needs to see a little hotness from time to time, and I'm one of those big proponents of keeping stuff on the site SW-related. <p>

Alexander had another Question: Regarding leader reporting, very often it seems that leaders are just replicating what their subordinates are putting into their reports. Medals, SA courses, and promotions. Is this the way it's supposed to be?<p>

That's a pretty good question. There are a lot of leaders who fall back on mere statistic reporting in their own reports. That's not doing anyone any favors when you, as a member, are reading the same information a dozen times. This is probably a result of people not having generated enough content on their own to report on...which is a big portion of what a leader does in this club. Sometimes, a leader feels the urge to drop a report every week, whether enough happened or not. And that's just doing a report to say that you did a report. What that eventually does is makes the members not read them, out of boredom. Which is why I try to break up my stuff, put pictures in on stuff I am working on and then of chicks in stormtrooper armour (you know you love it). Some people put a lot of fictional updating in their reports...that's a good thing too, but you can get pretty easily carried away into that, and lose people's interest's too... it depends on your audience, ultimately, and a good leader caters what they do to who they are leading.<p>


And now, for the chicks. </p><p>







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And that's all for this time. Any questions, or anything i can help with, pm me on IRC or shoot me an email. Have fun!<p>

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That last one is awesome, and please, continue the tradition of stormtrooper chicks, I approve.

The next to last picture scares me a little.

FYI - since Muz is on LoA and Sarin is in Iraq pwning......can you say.....Kaek MOVE4POWAH?!?!?!?! waits for Kir to appear and make a lame comment

Don't fall in on your wedding night. Congrats to you both!

great report Muz :) (face has melted to the floor with all the goodies coming up)

IRL - Congrats on your wedding, beware marriage will make you do things that you really don't want to do. I know from experience and I'm still at it.

Congrats on getting married!


congratz Muz on getting hitched and we are still waiting for Kir...

Congrats Muz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have fun hit it hard and just enjoy with ur wify!!!

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