Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

*Cethgus walked down a hallways alone, he decided today he would not be having any company at all and just wanted some time to think about things. Taking a turn he continued to walk down another hallway his boots tapping on the floor with each step he took, he realised that it had been a long time since he had been alone and felt a wave of relaxation ripple through out his body. His walk was taking him towards his quarters as if by some random reason he stepped into a different corridor and let his mind do some more thinking it had been a while since he had talked to some member, and he decided firs to meet up with them. *

Walking into a room the Prelate looked around before finding who he was looking for. Sitting down at a table he looked to the three members in front of him. Cern, Ood and Yadar all three members were from his old clan and he knew each of them well. It had been a while since he had got time to talk to them. As all four of them started to reminisce about all the good times they have had, Cethgus started to smile broadly, and knew that he would see great things from his team and was happy to have each member in it.

I would like to say happy Halloween to everyone, enjoy yourselves today and I'm sure you will all have fun. Go and scare people remember there is a dark jedi lurking inside all of us, unless your Godo then you have to dress up as a teddy bear for Halloween. So again everyone have fun! ;)

I would also like to remind the team that the clan has currently got the JA training program running, and I am sure it is not too late to try and get involved in that, if you would like to get involved email me and Kage and let us know. Remember you are here to enjoy yourselves why not have fun and learn on Jedi academy?

I would like to say that I am available for email or PM's most of the time, I am here and able to help you if you have any problems. Or if you would like to see something done for the team just email me and let me know I will try my best to find out if it possible so don't feel shy email me if you need anything at all. I will try my best.

Ok now for the Battle Team run-on which is currently on going, if you would like to participate just enter a post and have fun. I hope you all enjoy the Run-on also it is a team building activity for us all to get to know how each other's characters work. I would like to see you all post and enjoy yourselves, remembers just to have fun when you post.

I would like the time to say well done to both Kara and Cern on achieving their awards, both of you well done this week. I hope to see more people being able to achieve medals, I know that the great jedi war is coming up. And I think that is a good goal to work towards, we can do the best of ourselves and I hope to see each and everyone one of you bloom with activity. So why not start now, you can pick easy medals up with each weekly competitions I run so get out there and have fun. The following medals were awarded:

Kara Rohana – Crescent with Emerald Star, CF's x2

Cern Unnos - Crescent with Emerald Star

Cethgus – Grand Cross of the Dark Side, CF's x2

I would like to first of all take the time and thank everyone for the increase of activity that you have all shown in the ACC. I hope that you continue to take part in the Antei Combat Center and have fun writing fights out, it is a good way to enjoy using your character and being able to fight against other members. I personally enjoy the challenge of being able to write about two characters meeting on the battle field. I'm not the best writer but I know how things work in the ACC, so if you are shy and have a problem come and email or pm me and I will try my very best to sort it out. Remember the DB is for you to have fun, and I think that you should all try the ACC out and see if you enjoy it.

Ok, as always I am going to add something about the shadow academy in my report, I would like to let you all know that it is a fun thing to do, saying that I would like to congratulate Cern on the completion of an exam. And take this time to remind you all that exams are a way to get degrees, learn things, progress in the brotherhood they hold many keys and you may even find them enjoyable. So I would insist that you all try and take a few more exams. Anyway the following exam was competed:

Cern Unnos – Capital Starship Studies

I know that it seems funny having this section in, but I hope to be able to write up a few things in the near future for here. So keep working hard team and going for the very best you can achieve I know each one of you have great potential.

*Title: Poetry fun! *


Write a poem about something that has effected your life, make it

personaly or for your character, the choice is yours. Have fun with this

and make sure that it shows your feelings as well.

Start Date: 10/25/2008

End Date: 11/1/2008

Unit in Competition: Battle Team Exar's Shadow




1st) Crescent with Emerald Star


Approved by BTL

*Title: You met who? *


Share beauty Tips with Bloody Mary? Do some hedge clipping with Freddy

Kruger? Write at least a one page story telling us about your encounter

with you favorite/least favorite Halloween villain and how it went

Start Date: 10/27/2008

End Date: 11/2/2008

Unit in Competition: Battle Team Exar's Shadow



Word or rich text format.


5th level cresents for 1st, second and third place.


approved by BTL Cethgus

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