Aedile Report


Aedile Report

11/02/2008 to 11/11/2008


  • Good news and bad news:

  • Good news is that the Clan Awards, Taldrya, Tallys, and Tal Times have all been released.

  • Bad news is that Chaos resigned :(

  • As per the bad news, Consul Applications are to be sent to Sarin, Muz, and Raken. Deadline this Saturday.

  • Andan Taldrya Marshall (you know him as Crix) was appointed the Clan Envoy. He gets to hold everyone's hand and tell them they look pretty, when they in fact do not.

  • Competitions are going on, DO THEM!

  • No New people joined the House.

  • DA Duga Taldrya Arkarso got 29 Clusters of Fire, and a Quartz Crescent.

  • DA Sithspawn Taldrya was awarded the Seal of Loyalty! Congratulations

  • OP Tarax Eosphoros Kor (moi) ransacked a Seal of Loyalty too. I'm awesome. I know. Oh, I also got a Legion of the Scholar.

  • OP Vladet Xavier (QUA person) was awarded the Seal of Loyalty as well. Awesomepants.

  • For the compelte list of people awarded on Domination Day, follow this link:

  • PRT Danniry Panne did the Obelisk Core exam. Good work!

  • PRT Danniry Panne was promoted to Guardian (GRD)! Congratulations!

Lots of competitions happening in Dinaari and in Taldryan this week and month. Here's a sneak peek:

  • Bryar Bowl 4: Precursor - Bryar Bowl 4 is still some time away, but that doesn't mean we can't get in the spirit of the event early. Duals, team, and free-for-all bryar matches for everyone. Best three win/loss record wins, and a Sapphire crescent for the person with the most kills. Duals go to 5 kills, 3 per day. 3 Team matches per day with the same teams, Team matches go to 20 kills. Free-for-all multiman matches are first 20 kills, no team work for these and only 1 per day with same people. Instructions/Details:

  • EaWesome The Second - Maximum of playing one person from the clan 5 times, unlimited against outside of Clan. Runs until December 31st. Top 3 with most wins get Level 3 crescents. Players can use games in regular Gaming nights towards the competition. Scores from each game to be e-mail directly or bundled in a daily report type of e-mail. At the end of the competition, winners get announced. Instructions/Details:

Other Competitions of Note:

Remember, kids - participating in competitions means activity. Activity means awards and/or promotions. The more you do, the more it counts.

  • Arcona was kind enough to provide a Ventrillo (voice-chat) server for the entire DB. Check that out.

  • Fiction Tribume Report has been released by Raken.

  • Sklib stepped down as P:MAA to focus on Proconsul duties.

  • Gaming Tribune Report out by Angelo Dante.

  • For more DB News, check out the...News Page!

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