Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

- Encrypted Message as follows -

Greetings Cestus,

I sure hope this level of encryption works, but this is your Rollmaster writing you from the surface of one of the planets in the Antei system. As some of you have heard, there is currently a special mission that the house is on and I’m on the team. However I have responsibilities to the house for reporting information on our members, so here we go.



  1. Journeymen Competition – November (WRITING) – Ends 11/21

(Journeymen Only)

  1. There Can Be Only One.... (GAMING) – Ends 12/15

  1. Reliquary – (WRITING) – Ends 11/30


  1. Tarentum Gaming Bonanza – (GAMING) – Ends 11/20

  1. Shattered Tears – (GAMING & WRITING) – Ends 11/17


*Shattered Tears


Jaron Kai to PROTECTOR


Ronovi Tavisaen has been awarded a Seal of Loyalty (Congrats!)

Kazarelth has been awarded a Crescent w/ Emerald Star.

Frosty has been awarded 91 Clusters of Fire.

Vai Azexel has been awarded 20 Clusters of Fire.

Karel has been awarded 2 Clusters of Fire.

Shadow Academy:

Jaron Kai has passed the History of the Sith Empire III, Sith Core, Grammar Studies, and HTML Basics courses.

Final Notes:

I would like everyone to email me whenever they submit to a competition. I am working on an activity tracking project for the House Summit and need this critical information.

About your Rollmaster:

Real-life, I am a father with two kids (10 & 11) and I do my best with the time I have to give to the Brotherhood. I joined the brotherhood nine months ago because I never want experiences of star wars to go away. I have enjoyed getting to know all of you as we strive to make Cestus the best house in the brotherhood.


Thanks for all your hard work my brothers & sisters. You all make Cestus the great house it is.

GRD Vai Azexel

Rollmaster, House Cestus

- End Encrypted Transmission -


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