Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

It has been a while since my last report, but Dark Orb is no more or less than last time. Dark Orb is still a strong group of individuals. With the ACC ladder, and abundant competitions available, there is no better time to scrape together some awards and show your personal worth and more importantly stability to Arcona as the GJW approaches. This is an important time in which we must show extra effort to participate in whatever we can, and so I thank anyone who continues to contribute in activity. Oriana Winters has taken a leave of absence until the end of the year sadly, but I am grateful for the time she was here. I would like to encourage anyone in Dark Orb who is eligible to participate in the Journeyman competition, as well as competition: Madness to do so as both are very good for obtaining medals.


Oriana Winters: Crescent with Sapphire Star – Oriana was the most active member in October, and now holds the title Baneshade.

Shadow Academy:

Oriana Winters: General Leadership

Arador: Leadership Fundamentals

Important Competitions:

Journeyman Competition



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