Master At Arms Report


Master At Arms Report

Welcome to yet another MAA report. This month's report is short and sweet because I have a lot of RL work to do.


The DB-wide Journeyman promotion requirements were released a little over a month ago. If you haven’t seen them, you should. You can find them them here.

They’ve been very slightly modified since I originally posted them and they are currently in version 1.1a

There are two ways you can respond to these requirements and make yourself heard. One is by speaking to your House and Clan leadership and sharing your concerns or comments with them so that they can report to me about systematic problems or, God forbid, praise. The other way is to post on the forum here.

On another note, my exams are fast approaching and response times might be a little slower than they have been. During the actual weeks of exams, I will only be available for DB business on a very limited daily basis. So if you have to wait a day for something, suck it up. Most of you new members seem to take my response time for granted. I should remind you that back in the day it used to take much longer to process requests. Don’t complain because I haven’t processed a crescent or a CF for you within 15 minutes – you’re just going to piss me off.

Policy Updates and Clarifications

Just a few reminders this month: please don’t forget to use the drop down menu when submitting crescents for competitions. Also, when you are submitting competition requests, do not forget to indicate that you have approval from the necessary unit leadership (unless that leader is you).

Please double-check the promotion requirements when you submit a Journeyman promotion. People keep missing one or two requirements and then I have to deny the request. Take an extra minute or two and make sure you’ve included all the necessary requirements in the recommendation. Feel free to add rhetorical flourish if you please just so long as the requirements are included.


Medal Revision Project: On hold until after my exams.

Super AWOL Check: Will be done after the new CSes are implemented. This will happen sooner rather than later. Be prepared.

Promotion Requirements: Released – updated to version 1.1a


Sklib has resigned from P:MAA to focus on preparing Taldryan for the Great Jedi War. I’d like to thank Sklib for all his lack of work and abject failure. It was a real displeasure serving with you, Sklibberz.

Applications are not open for P:MAA. Do not ask me about it. If you do, I will automatically disqualify you from ever getting the position. That said, don’t be that asshole who PMs me asking about it in order to get disqualified. Newsflash to those of you who think doing this is clever and original: you’re probably the 50th person in the last 3 years to do it. You’re not clever. You’re not funny. You’re not original. You’re a tool. Thank you.

Ask Kaek

Awwww an Ask Kaek letter from ben. How cute.

_Dear Kaek, what foosball team are you supporting and are you going to bet a warbanner like Sarin and Kir?

<3 ben _

I love talking about ‘foosball’ as ben refers to it but I have work to do so I figured I’d keep it short.

_Dear ben,

First of all, I just wanted to tell you how much of a fan I am of your work. All the SHBing and coding. Pretty EPIC. As to your question, I’ll answer the second part first. I have no intention of betting my non-existent warbanner on any football teams like Sarin and Our Gay Justicar did. I actually think it’s pretty lame. Oh well.

As to my football teams, when it comes to college football I have to be loyal to my schools. First and foremost comes UCLA, my alma mater. Unfortunately we suck this year. Slick Rick is rebuilding the team so hopefully we’ll see some progress in the next few years. I’d like to point out that we still beat Tennessee because Tennessee fails (Chaos’ team is UT). In theory, I should also root for Indiana but Indiana sucks even more than UCLA and really – no one cares about IU football. It’s all about basketball. The only other college football team I care about is Alabama for very long and complicated reasons. And Alabama is an overrated #1 right now so things look good.

NFL teams? I don’t care. I love the NFL but I could never become a hardcore fan of any one team. Except maybe slightly kinda the Bears. But the Bears have been mediocre at best so…meh. Hope this answers your question.

Love, Kaek_

Closing Remarks/Rant

No rant this month. Nothing pissed me off enough. Kir came close but in the end it’s Kir so…whatever. Who cares about him? :P

Oh and…ok d’Tanas fine. I’ll take you off the restricted list. Send me your fiction crap and we’ll talk about making you official. Pho sucks waits for obligatory offensive Pho comment

Dark Jedi Master Syn Kaek

Master At Arms

DJM Syn Kaek (Sith)/MAA-P:SCL/Dark Council [ACC: JUD]



I greatly appreciate your work as MAA as you are extremely quick in processing requests...and fair. I do feel, however, that your decision to not choose a P:MAA is a somewhat odd move. Choosing one would help reduce the slow processing that comes when RL rears its ugly head. This applies to the coming slowness which you have graciously informed everyone about as well as the un-planned for slow times.

In my opinion, leaders in your position do the club more of a service by finding a second to fill gaps that RL causes AND to help train (or weed out) possible replacements for when/if you decide to leave the leadership position.
I am not nitpicking. I'm just trying to give constructive suggestions.

I'm aware of this, Orv, but the reasons for not choosing a P:MAA are more legitimate than me wishing to keep all the 'POWAH' to myself.

Most likely, Tarax will be trained to assist me in my day to day duties. But a Praetor position is more than a mere assistant and as such is subject to a much more stringent selection process than just "This person can help me."

I don't have to tell you how important it is to choose just the right person to take over for me when I move on from MAA.


KARUFR -- Yes, I Hel-Pa Taldrya Sklib have resigned as P:MAA.

It is a day that will live in infamy.

-- Associated Press

As a person that knows both the MAA and former P:MAA very well, I'd just like to go on record and say a few words.

First...Sklib kissed a girl and he liked it, hope his boyfriend don't mind it.

Second...Quote 106.

That is all.

Do not want.

<3 Tarax.

Do not want.

<3 Tarax.

I'd like to point out that the most likely reason Kaek thinks betting warbanners is "lame" is because he roots for UCLA.

They play in like...the sunshines and kittens conference or something, and haven't been any good since 1905. I think their record over those years is something like 2-500, that's a fact, look it up.

Note that this is the same reason you will never see me betting on anything NFL-related, since I live in Michigan and am a lifelong suffering Lions fan.

mmmm, I love the Lions. Maybe Drew Stanton will play more and we can use our eight first round picks to get an entire offensive line unit from some college. I am like 75% sure Grand Valley State could have won a single game this year by luck and talent.

What is really hopeful is Ford might be going bankrupt soon, and they might look to sell if they can't afford an 0-16 team.

I like Kaek, but if Tarax is MAA I will quit the DB. Luckily SWTOR will be coming out by then, and I will care less about medals.

Naw, I think it's lame because it's childish and petty. Also, Kir is gay. And THAT, sirs, is a statement of fact :P

Ohhh the irony

Whenever I see Kaek on IRC, he reminds me of cake. Which is so yummy.

I love the new Promotion guideline requirements. I wish I had something like that to follow when I was advancing. Though I feel there should be a requirement for the rank of DJK given from their Master (should they have one). Makes it more personal.

Keep up the great work!

To conclude. Its about cake.

Well RobinHawk, if you had been in Taldryan during your Journeyman years, you would have had requirements to follow upon your
advancement in the ranks of the brotherhood. But, alas, we all can't be perfect. =P
<3 promotion requirements long time.

Yeah, the promotion requirements are good. Though as with all things, I'm sure there will be numerous versions over time, but for now they work, and that's what matters.

Also, I could be mistaken, but I believe Robin meant a task given by the Master, if the member even has a Master, that will be part of the requirements needed to become DJK, not something that is done after attaining DJK. Again, I could be wrong, and if I am, pay no attention to this part.

But yeah. The promotion requirements are good and they seem to have been working well so far, so good job Kaek and everyone else who worked on them!

I like Kaek, but if Tarax is MAA I will quit the DB.

That made my day. much as I like you (not that much, really), and as long of a history we have together (which I'd rather forget).... if the day came that I did get MAA, I'd delete you. Just to spite you. :P

But thank whatever deity you get on your knees for that that day won't come any time in the foreseeable future. :P


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