Supremacy Kick-off Tournament Results


Supremacy Kick-off Tournament Results

These are the results of last Saturday's Tournament. The Obelisk of House Primus Goluud got a huge headstart on the individual ladders. The full ladder results will be posted on the Blood Rites website later tonight.

Addendum: the results for the individual ladder are here.

I will be hosting another Supremacy Tournament this coming Saturday. I hope more people take advantage of this oppurtunity to gain extra points for thier respective houses.

2240 Vicious (+18 points)(Crescent + 3 CFs)
3424 Beowulf (+12 points)(Crescent + 2 CFs)
2706 Benevolent Whiner (+6 points)(1 CF)
2467 Servius (+4 points)

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