Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Quaestor's Office Suite,

House Acclivis Draco Headquarters,

Heimdall Mountain Range, Li Gandor Continent,

Antenora, Cocytus System,

Dark Brotherhood Territories

At the moment Timbal Palpatine, Epis and Quaestor of the mighty House Acclivis Draco, decided that he had enough with the hesitation. He grabbed his commlink, and set it to two frequencies.

"Yo, it's me peeps."

After a second or two, "Tra'an here," followed by a simple, "Ragnose."

"Drop what your doing and report to my office. We have," he hesitated again, "...a possible situation."

A dual echo of acknowledgment, and they signed off.

In the meantime, he stepped over to the tactical board, and started to bring up the relevant mission he would need for this meeting.

About ten minutes later, his door slid open quietly, and the two Dark Jedi made their way in. They bowed respectfully at the Epis, noting his distracted and concerned face. They silently waited for him to speak.

"Thanks for coming so quickly. I need you to see this." Timbal gestured with his fingers, and two datapads on his desk flew towards both Dark Jedi.

They caught them, and began to read:








You are hereby instructed to begin preparations for an overhaul of security protocols for all fleet assets and complexes throughout the system.... Contact me for more details...





Both Dark Jedi finished the brief message at about the same time, and they both glanced at him with somewhat perplexed looks on their faces.

Tra'an Reith spoke first. "Maybe Thran is just flexing some muscle in his new role?"

Timbal sighed deeply, lost in his own thoughts and was studying the ebb and flow of the currents of the Force, trying to get some insight. "No, that's what I initially thought myself, but why so formal? If anything, we all know that Thran is the epitome of casual-ness, if that was an actual word."

The other two nodded, also lost in their own thoughts and themselves studying the Force. Timbal whispered, as if speaking quietly would help the elusive vision that was coming to him slowly would help stave its' departure. "Don't you see it?"

The new Krath Priest merely lifted one eyebrow, and spoke quietly himself. "I see threads, but I can't seem to make them fit together." Tra'an caught the tantalizing threads, but couldn't make sense of them.

Timbal snapped out of the sudden breath-taking vision that the Force had granted him. He wasted no time, and projected the vision to the other Summit members.

Both inhaled at the same time.

"We must prepare," muttered the Shi'ido.

"Indeed," added the Falleen.

Without any need for further words, they both departed with a purpose, while Timbal headed back to the tactical console and began to issue orders.


Greetings, brothers and sisters of HAD!

This report has a bit of different fiction than the kind that I normally do. I'll be switching between both formats as we go, mainly because it helps with my occasional writers' block. ;) In any case, on to the report!

Things to Cover (Clan / House Stuffs):

  • Clan stuff: There's been quite the shuffling around in the dark. That's all I can say for now. ;)

  • Competitions: The Death of Col. Earnie comp is still running until the 1st. Get me some subs in! Also, I'm going to be running another comp in a few days, I just need to get it approved first, so stay tuned! ;)

  • Get ready for the next GJW!

  • CSP Shadow Academy Course: Being reviewed by the SA. YAY!

  • Royal Gazette: The deadline for submissions is coming up, so if you want in, send Reiden and myself an email an article that you think is worthy to be published, and we'll take a look at it. You also get bonus points from me for doing so. ;)

  • Shout-outs: I wanted to add this to my report, because I believe that these people deserve recognition for the work they've done in front of everyone. So, without further ado, I'm giving a shout-out to Yeldarb for coming back AND finishing an SA course already! Also, my main man Koryn keeps kicking booty for passing an SA course as well as writing a nice 5-page fictional piece for his work towards his next promo. Finally, a major shout-out to Kalak for assisting with working on some awesome work that you'll be seeing pretty soon. ;)

Random Other Things:

  • Just a quote: When I was a kid my favorite relative was Uncle Caveman. After school we'd all go play in his cave, and every once in a while he would eat one of us. It wasn't until later that I found out that Uncle Caveman was a bear. - Jack Handy

Real Life Stuff:

More random stuff going on in my life!

  • Work: Quiet as heck today, which is awesome. 2.5x overtime, baby!

  • Gun stuff!: Choices, choices! Wow, so many choices, and so many expensive choices you can choose! ;)

  • Holiday gift ideas, part deux! Ok, so the safe has been soundly defeated. I also don't have the money for the TV, so both ideas are shot. As an alternate gift, paintball gun, yes? ;)

Well, that's about it, peeps. Until next time!

KE Timbal

QUA guy

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