Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

27 November 2008

Headmaster Report #18

Happy Thanksgiving to our American members. I guess it's about time we start hearing Christmas music on the radio and see people put up decorations that they won't take down until February, haha. It's been about a month since my last report, and I apologize for that, though there hasn't been all that much to report on. Why has it been a month? First, school sucks. Second, coding glitches in the SA admin site are still keeping us from creating new courses, so right now there isn't too much big stuff we can release. Either way, we do have some announcements, so read on.


The Zarente Chronicles: Part II

Breathing heavily and wiping the thin perspiration from his brow, Dacien grabbed his saber and turned just as a hovertank fired its missile. It arched towards him and he raised his hand, ready to call the force to his aid. Suddenly, a a black haired female jumped at him from the side, pulling him sideways as the missile blew past them into the street. She jumped up and ran, half pulling him behind her. Tired and willing to try anything to get away from the soldiers, Dacien followed until they reached a waiting airspeeder.

As she motioned to get in, Dacien ignited his saber and held it to her neck, "Answers. Now."

She remained calm, oblivious to the danger, "My name is Sephi Jax. I am forty-five years..."

Sephi was cut short as Dacien tightened his grip on the saber, "I'm on a deadline, don't waste time."

"I'm a member of a group of freedom fighters attempting a coup against the Queen's tyranny. I saw her army chasing you. The enemy of your enemy is your friend, you know?"

"Why does any of this concern me?" Dacien was getting impatient. He needed to finish his job and get back to the Arcanum soon.

"Honestly," she said, "because we are losing the war. If we don't gain an advantage soon we'll be finished by the end of the year."

Dacien considered the proposal for a moment, lightsaber still centimeters from the girl's throat. No doubt the heat was making her sweat, "I tend to follow up on favors."

She grinned at him, "We'll be happy to oblige."



--These past two weeks have seen a huge increase in the number of degree requests, and that is awesome, keep it up. Turnaround is slow for them, however, and I apologize for that. I am currently going through the process of catching up on all of the degree requests, I should be caught up this weekend. The reason some take longer is because we have to search for course grades, and I take that opportunity to go ahead and input the rest of your scores into the database.

--Congratulations to Vai Azexel, the new EP of DB Basics, and Vorion, the new EP of Krath CORE! Stay tuned for news on the poetry courses.

--We had a total of nine submissions in the November Journeymen Competition, which is great, so we will definitely start those back up on a monthly basis. As for competitions open to higher ranked members, hopefully the fictional updates will melt into those sometime after the Great Jedi War. As for the November competition:

1st: Kara

2nd: Arador

3rd: Chiron

Others: Krizznakk; Koryn; Mehrunes Dagon; Asani; Lyncoln; Cern Unnos

--Several images were removed from Old Republic History, because it was, quite frankly, cluttered. I also don't think I ever announced that Kalak is the new EP for Old Republic History, and Timbal has taken over History of the Sith Empire III. If I did say that already, then I'm just repeating myself. It's been a busy month.

--I'm fairly certain I made this announcement months ago, but because the change was never made to the site instructions, most people do not know. The rank requirement for requesting a Scroll of Indoctrination for recruitment is Protector, that should be changed shortly. In other words, don't request a scroll until the recruited member reaches the rank of Protector.



--Like I said above, coding is keeping us from releasing any new courses, or updating EPs for that matter, but it is being taken care of. We have three courses right now ready to be released, so I'll venture to say that after the Great Jedi War, or before it depending on when it happens, will be jam-packed.

--The Dark Vault sub-site, for those of you who ever went there, is now closed. Basically, it was pointless. All of the information linked in that site can be found on the Wiki, which is much easier to edit. The Dark Vault will still exist fictionally, and in fact we will be making a Wiki page for it soon, but in reality there will no longer be a website for it. Closed courses, for those of you who want to see the notes, can be found through the Old Courses link.


Featured Course of the Report

Meh... once we can release it, it will be our new course.


Important Links

--SA Website

--SA Degree Requirements

--SA Forums



  • Read the fictional updates!

  • Degree requests are being handled as quickly as possible

  • Congrats to EPs Kalak, Timbal, Vai, and Vorion!

  • No more Dark Vault sub-site

  • SoI rank requirement = Protector

Sith Warlord Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar

Headmaster of the Brotherhood

I am not sure if a congrats or a good luck is in order for the New EPs, but yeah!

Also I am stoked for some new exams. I really really almost do like taking tests.

Congrats and good luck :P!

Have fun and great report.

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