Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Marka Ragnos

Quaestor Report

Sith Battlemaster Derev Niroth

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving to the rest of you American DBers out there. I'm eating some Pecan Pie as I write this, and I'm quite certain I put on 5 pounds yesterday :-D

The report actually has some important information pertaining to your future, so please give it a careful read through.

*Clan Naga Sadow Executive Order

*House Marka Ragnos "Supervisory Summit Members"

*House Marka Ragnos Promotion Trials Information

*DoR / House Plot / Competition

*The Wonderful Life of your QUA

*Great Jedi War is Coming...


Clan Naga Sadow Executive Order

By order of Bob, all members of Clan Naga Sadow must participate in some kind of activity on a monthly basis. The full policy can be found at here: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/wiki/index.php?title=Clan_Naga_Sadow_Executive_Order

Basically, each of you must do one thing on this list, every month:

• Participation in a MAA Approved Competition

• Participation in a Gaming Night

• Participation in an ACC Match

• Participation in a Clan/House/Battleteam Runon

• Participation in a project approved by the Clan Summit

• Completion of two or more SA courses.

Members who are ranked Dark Side Adept or higher, as well as all members who have attained the status of Son of Sadow are exempt from this policy. Members on a legitimate LoA (meaning you're actually not here...if you're marked as LoA but on IRC everyday...dosen't help you) can be exempt from this policy for up to two consecutive months. The Consul can also, at his discretion, provide an additional exception to any member he deems fit.

I encourage all of you to read through the policy. Members who fail to comply with the executive order will be removed from the clan and subjected to a waiting period before they can rejoin Clan Naga Sadow.

As part of this executive order, the House Summit will be tracking your activity on a monthly basis (we already do this, but we're going to get more detailed). Each of you has been assigned a "Supervisory Summit Member" who will, among other things, be tasked with tracking your activity. Heres how this'll work. If you do an activity that generates a database email (completing a SA Exam, Starting a Competition, completing an ACC Battle, Earning a Medal, etc), you do not need to report to us your activity, as we all get a copy of those same emails. However, if you submit to a competition, or post in a runon, or anything else that does not generate a database email, you need to email that activity to your designated "Supervisory Summit Member" (and only that person please, do not send it to the entire Summit).

The burden is on you, the member, to make sure we know what you are doing. We will not chase you trying to find out what activities you partook in over the month so we don't have to remove you from the Clan. We will send out reminder emails, however, I can tell you from experience, it's easier to send them as you do them, or keep a list and update it every time you do something. This policy goes into effect on December 1st, which is just a few days away.

Note on AWOLs: With this policy, AWOL Checks will no longer be conducted within the Clan, only the activity requirement will be used.

House Marka Ragnos "Supervisory Summit Members"

As mentioned above, each member of the House will always have a Supervisory Summit Member assigned to them. This person will be responsible for tracking your activity each month (as detailed above). For members that are Apprentices->Jedi Hunters, these supervisors will also be your "go to" person for all matters related to your Promotion Trials (see more below). You can of course always come to myself or Alaric with any problems or questions, but this person should be the first person you try.

*Members of the Night Hawks: Night Hawks Battleteam Leader (Zaxen)

Apprentice, Novice, Acolyte, Protector: Aedile (Alaric)

Guardian, Jedi Hunter: Rollmaster (Jade)

Dark Jedi Knights, Equites, Elders, Grand Masters: Quaestor (Derev)

BTL, RM, AED: Quaestor (Derev)

*If you are a member of the Night Hawks, you should always go through your Battleteam Leader, despite your rank.

House Marka Ragnos Promotion Trials

Using the above system, the same supervisor will be the person that you should be working with on your promotion trials (along with your master). For the purposes of your Trials (and only for the purposes of your trials), Zaxen Jade and Alaric can approve and help you create House Wide Competitions (if it is just a comp you're doing for the heck of it, it needs to go through me).

Disciples of Ragnos / House Plot / Competition

In the coming days, you'll see a new competition that heavily centers around our House Plot and the Disciples of Ragnos. Alaric is running point on this competition so that the rest of the summit can participate. This competition should run most of the month of December, so keep your eyes peeled, this'll give you a direct chance to influence the course of events in the House Plot. This competition will also introduce the 'new' Tarthos, and give you a chance to see it in action, as well as hopefully define the cities a bit more.

The Wonderful Life of your QUA

Finals are right around the corner for me, I have class this Monday and Wednesday, and then finals the following Monday and Wednesday. After that, I'm off school for over a month, and I pretty much only have to work one time in that month, so I'll have plenty of time for the DB. Look for a lot of fictional development stuff regarding the Wiki and Tarthos in particular. I'm also looking forward to getting in some serious Call of Duty, and I think I'm gonna restart Oblivion and give that a serious run for it's money. That being said, expect me to be quite busy over the next 10 days or so as I gear up for finals.

The Great Jedi War is Coming...

This thing is seriously starting to sneak up on us ladies and gentlemen. Take the time now to enjoy a bit of downtime as theres not much going on other then the House Plot Competition over December. Recharge your batteries and get ready to come on swinging in the GJW.


That's all I've got. A lot of information. Make sure you keep yourself abreast of the Executive Order and make sure you're doing your part. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and I just wanted to remind everyone to be safe in the upcoming Holiday Season.

Cya Next Time...!

Sith Battlemaster Derev Niroth

Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos

SBM Derev Niroth (Sith)/QUA-EP/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow [ACC: TRN]

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