Aedile Report


Aedile Report

The Hunter awoke with a start. He had fallen asleep at his desk. The mountain of paperwork that had flooded his office while he was away was now scattered around the desk and floor. Using a couple choice words, the Cerean started picking up the papers and finishing off his work.


Well, here we are folks, another week is done. And I have a new wireless card powering my connection to you, so I guess we should get this going, right? Right.


This is a truly amazing little site. For those who are not familiar with it, it is a place for your fictional lusts to go crazy writing out combats against other Jedi to determine not the more able fighter, but the keener writer. Check it out if you dare.

-JH Ralph Vundu- Qual match against KPN Shikyo = Ongoing

-OP Cethgus Incendia Zor-El vs. JH Cern Unnos = JH Cern Unnos


This is the basic grounds for all Journeymen to get started. Though all come here to learn, this is the biggest benefit to newcomers so they can learn about themselves and the Brotherhood.

-NOV Cassus Ryen – DB Basics Passed (80%)

                            Karana: Lightsaber Studies Passed (79%)  

-PRT Mograine - Deneba: Pre-Republic History Passed (100%)

-PRT Mehrunes Dagon - Deneba: History of the Sith Empire I Passed (96%)

                                          Deneba: History of the Sith Empire II Passed (100%)  

Congrats to those who have expanded their knowledge in the halls of the Shadow Academy. Another part of the Shadow Academy is a degree program. These awards look nice on your dossier and require several different courses to earn. So congratulations to…

JH Cern Unnos – Dark Maven-Flight


Competitions are the bread and butter of the Brotherhood. They range from simple poems to graphic and works of fiction to the truly insane. Perform well, and you can earn yourselves Shineys (and promotions) just like these folks did.

-PRT Mehrunes Dagon – Crescent with Emerald Star – 1st Place Monthly Puzzle Extravaganza

                          Cluster of Fire x11 – Gaming  

                                  Crescent With Emerald Star – 1st Place Braecen Said What?  

-OT Jaysun Adumarii – Crescent with Quartz Star – 3rd Place Caption Contest

-JH Cern Unnos – Crescent with Topaz Star – 2nd Place Caption Contest

                              Legion of the Scholar – 3rd Place #db Trivia  

-OT Drodik Va'lence al'Tor – Crescent with Emerald Star – 1st Place Caption Contest

-DJK Kara Rohana – Crescent with Topaz Star – 2nd Place Love of Loss Competition

                                   Crescent with Sapphire Star – First Place Journeyman Competition  

-PRT Octavia Obrie – Crescent with Emerald Star – 1st Place Love of Loss Competition

-DJK Jaden Kyrath Dupar – Cluster of Fire x2 – Gaming

-DJK Koga Kage – Cluster of Fire x11 - Gaming

Congratulations to everyone and a second congratulation to all of those who received Crosses for your devotion and hard work.


Work = Reward, Only in Plagueis. And that is shown best when it comes Promotion time. These fine folk have shown a good deal of grit, dedication, and worked very hard, so it is my honor, my duty, and my pleasure to introduce to you:


NOVICE Cassus Ryen


NOVICE Torin Synn


Such an easy competition, just create a funny saying. Only two entries… how sad. Congratulations to PRT Mograine (1st) and DJK Yadar Shyk (2nd). Shineys are in the mail folks.


Well, another week is done. I hope you enjoyed it, because a new one starts today. Stay cool, stay happy, stay true to your school, and StayPuft. Good day, and God Bless.

Your Humble Servant,

Ralph Vundu

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