Oracle's Addendum


Oracle's Addendum


I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season. I certainly am. The Tuscan air is quite invigorating.

I should be back to activity by next weekend. Unless there is a delay a Heathrow in London, we should be back home early Saturday the 10th.

Look for the following:

1) Update/Revision of Powers of the Dark Jedi (100% Complete)
2) Details of the Antei System (75% Complete)
3) Updates to Ranks of the Dark Jedi (100% Complete)
4) Additions for The Dark Side chapter of the DSC
a) Essay about the Final Order (75% Complete)
b) Essay about the Star Chamber (0% Complete)
c) Essay about the Early History of the Dark Side (25% Complete)
5) Detail of the Dark Hall on Antei (25% Complete)

Finally, I'm sure that my staff will have the Dark Voice released as soon as possible. Or Else. :P

Again, have fun, be safe, I'll see ya all in a week or so.

Woohoo Yacks on DJM!


Did you run into any Tusken raiders? :P

I was about sure someone would make that comment :p

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