Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Dinaari Quaestor Report #30 - November 30, 2008

Greetings all,

Activity is picking up a tad as new and old members return to the Clan. This is great news as we head into the Holidays and closer to the next Great Jedi War. Already the other Clans are having their bi-annual delusions of grandeur, thinking that they'll steamroll our Clan in the upcoming Vendetta. Needless to say this is what happens: Taldryan shows up in force, the other Clans give up by week three, Tal wins the Vendetta, and then the other Clans mutter things like "bias," "unfair," or come up with other excuses. It happens at least once or twice a year. We get used to it.

That doesn't mean we should become complacent; this will probably be our most difficult Vendetta in quite a while but the odds are still with us due to deep roster of veterans, excellent leadership, and dedication not only to our Clan as a whole, but to our Clan-mates individually. Our pre-GJW Clan event (re: Resurgence - [CLICK HERE](http://www.taldryan.net/feuds/opr/index.html

))will be starting very soon so I hope you participate as much as possible. A lot of these events will be showing up in the GJW so it's good practice.

As for me, I'm still on a quasi Leave of Absence. While my IRC presence kind of sucks right now my e-mail turnaround remains pretty decent. You're better off sending me an e-mail than waiting for me to show up on IRC. Thankfully my finals will be over by next Thursday, followed by massive celebration drinking. Essentially I'll be back to full speed by my next report in two weeks from this date. If you need immediate help please contact Tarax, Sklib, and/or Shadow.

There are new reports from the Deputy Grand Master, Wiki Tribune, and Headmaster on the main DJB news page. Reading Dark Council reports is always a good idea as it keeps you up to date with the major happenings in the Brotherhood. Kaek is looking for a new Praetor and Jac will be bringing down the whole website for 24-48 hours for maintenance so don't be alarmed.

House Dinaari and Clan Taldryan proudly recognize the following individuals on their recent honors ...

A handful of members earned Clusters of Fire for their gaming activity. Congratulations go out to the following members:

  • Tarax (x6)

  • Duga (x5)

  • Nihilus (x79)/2 Pendants of Blood (great stuff!)

  • Mendaar (x2)

Both Benevolent and Nihilus earned a Legion of the Scholar for winning and hosting trivia within the Clan.

Additional congratulations to Nihilus for earning his first merit medal, a Dark Cross. He was also promoted to the rank of Guardian for his amazing activity levels. He also passed the very long and annoying Chamber of Justice exam at the Shadow Academy.

Finally, a few Crescents were handed out for competition participation:

  • Halcyon (Amethyst)

  • Werdna (Sapphire)

  • Nihilus (Emerald)

Another long week ... nothing really personal except to keep active, participate in the Clan Feud competition, and enjoy yourselves in the upcoming holiday season.

To finish up I recommend getting on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) to talk with your fellow Taldryan members (and the rest of the DJB if you so choose). For our Journeymen there is a wealth of competitions going on right now so if you want to get ahead start participating! Your rank is determined solely by you. Have a great week!

DB-Wide Events

<li> Gaming Nights (Ongoing; Ends on 12/31);

<li> Inter-Club Training Event (Saturdays; Ends on 12/31);

<li> [T:F] Reliquary (Ends on 11/30);

<li> [DGM] Madness (Ends on 11/30);

<li> [DGM] LEGO Dark Brotherhood (Ends on 11/30);>

<li> [T:G] There Can Be Only One (Ends on 12/15)</li>

<p>Clan-Wide Events

<li> Taldryan: Resurgence (Ends on 12/31);

<li> A New Hope: Tal Trivia (Ongoing; Ends on 12/31);

<li> SHAFT: CTF Training (Ends on 11/30);

<li> Bryar Bowl 4: A Precursor (Ends on 12/02);

<li> Flashback (Ends on 12/02);

<li> Caption Contest (Ends on 12/29);

<li> EaWesome The Second (Ends on 12/31)

<li> Taldryan Night at the Improv (Ends on 12/31)</li>

<p>House Dinaari Events

<li> Dinaari's Christmas (Ends on 12/24)

For more detailed descriptions of the above competitions, please visit the Tal.net competitions listing by clicking here.

~ Important Links ~

Clan Taldryan | Clan Codex | Competitions Page | IRC Guide

Dark Jedi Brotherhood | Antei Combat Center | Shadow Academy

Message Boards | DJB Wikipedia | Dark Side Codex

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