Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Exar’s Shadow Battle Team Leader Report.

Cethgus stood in his office looking over at Kara and Cern. He had called Kara there to talk about the battle team when Cern showed up with a question for him. The work never ended for him Cethgus thought to him self. Walking over to his desk chair the man looked tired how ever he tried to mask that with his leadership skills. “Cern I don’t have time to deal with your questions today. Get out and wait for your training tomorrow.” The hunter looked over at his master and frowned. “Yea sure what ever Cethgus.” He said as he walked to the door looking rather up set.

Kara only smiled. That was Cethgus after all. “You know Cethgus you could be a bit more understanding to your students?” The Prelate looked at her with daggers in his eyes. “You would learn well to learn you place. Don’t tell me how to handle my students. Today is training for you. Now get up we are going to work on your fighting skills first.” Kara knew that was not what the plan had been. It was to work on a report and she was to report the active of her flight to Cethgus but maybe she shouldn’t have spoken out. Getting up the pair left the room with Cethgus looking a bit pleased with him self at getting Kara into a fight.


Yes that’s right the new Character Sheets are here. The site is up and running again. There are a few goodies to look at as well in Robes and Lightsabers. Your level dose matter when it comes to some of those things how ever. Our Clan leader Braecen just had his birthday so if you have not already make sure you drop him a line to wish him well. As the year starts to end more and more of us our busy but remember there are a number of contests still out there so keep up with your active level when you can. Our Battle team over the last few weeks has had a great showing in contests and awards lets keep up that hard work!!!!

So with the main character sheets knew over and everything above, I would like to remind you all that Christmas is coming up, what does this mean, fun and games? Yes, Energy and teamwork? Yes, but what happens after the new year, well the Great Jedi War!!!!. That right, it means that soon we will have a fight, what is the fight for, self respect? No, self gain? No, Honour to serve in the clan? Yes, Proud to be part of this group? Yes. We each play a role, and in this we need to provide the very best for the clan in the Great Jedi War, I expect the best from all of you.


I would like to say well done to everyone this week who has achieved a medal I know there are a lot of you. But I would like to remind you that you that you can always continue to prove activity to the team, and take part in doing all the work. I wish to see you all improve and provided a great service to the battle team. So without any further a due I would like to give you the entire following let out

on who got medals:

Kara Rohana – Crescent with Quartz Star, Crescent with Sapphire Star, Crescent with Emerald Star

Mograine – Crescent with Emerald Star

Yadar Shyk – Crescent with Quartz Star

Mehrunes Dagon – Crescent with Emerald Star

Shadow Academy:

I would like to say that now that it is Christmas I hope to see some of you taking exams, I know that some of you won’t be able to do that, but I hope you each take the time to just take a couple of exams and have fun doing them. As I like to keep you all aware that I keep putting this part in the report, mainly because it is good to take exams. As well as continue to find new information out and open more insight into your, so please take some exams. The following exam was completed:

Brema – General Leadership


Well, with the new character sheets you may expect it to be slow in the ACC for some time, please take some time to get used to the new Character sheets, I am sure with them it will mean that there are some changes that will be effecting how things in the ACC are now done. And again take the time to check over the ACC and pick up on how things will now be working. Have fun with this everyone I know will be happy that this has been done.


I would like to take the time to remind everyone on the team that currently there is a Run-on taking place, this is a team run-on and I would like to see the whole team take place on what is happening. So I would like to continue to see as many of you posting in this Run-on as possible:


A thanks this week for the Report Fiction goes to Kara Rohana, she has been a great supporting Flight Leader. To any of you that want work feel free to drop me an email I am sure I can dig something up for you to do for.

Serving in Darkness


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